Intel To Release Android 2.2 [FroYo] For x86 This Summer

There was a lot of excitement around FroYo (Android 2.2) when it was released and Android owners everywhere celebrated the fact that they will soon have a phone full of those cool features that they saw at the presentation at Google I/O. However, in all that excitement it is easy to forget that phone and tablet owners with various ARM inspired goodies powering them are not the only ones who use Android devices. There are also those devices that use chips with the x86 architecture and finally their owners have a reason to rejoice at the wonders of FroYo. Intel [NASDAQ:INTC] has finally started to port Android 2.2 for their x86 platform. FroYo netbooks, here we come!

Intel’s port x86 port of FroYo is destined for a summer release at the moment and it has the whole community buzzing with excitement. As you might know by now, Intel really wants to shoe horn itself into ARM’s position in the mobile industry but so far has failed to do it. So it grabs at every opportunity to bring the new-age mobile experience to its platform. Hence, they are hoping to have FroYo ready for some x86 action this summer so that their platform can also be benefitted from the rich radiation of the “less than free” mobile platform.

This port has been reported to be not all that difficult to accomplish and soon they will have it ready for manufacturers to use. There are already a lot of experimentation going on with the Android on Netbooks and it is more than as just another Linux-based mobile OS. Android’s burgeoning Marketplace and backing of the one of the largest tech entities in the world right now (the only other being Apple at the moment), it makes for one helluva deal. Not to mention the fact that this fantastic OS is available for free to anyone who is willing to work with it. So we are very likely to see some interesting new FroYo netbook ideas this summer.