HP Mini 311 Gets Updated

hp-mini-311-netbookThe HP Mini 311 has always been a netbook that has a nice set of features and a price that is reasonable. It had the NVIDIA ION LE, 1366×768 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio) and came with 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD. But there was no DirectX 10 support. That has changed.

Now that Windows 7 is here and the HP Mini 311 is available with it, the specifications have changed for the better. For starters, the chipset is no longer stuck with the LE tag. That means it has the NVIDIA ION in full force with support for DirectX 10. It now comes with 2GB of memory and there is likely to be an option to upgrade it to 3 or 4 GB.

Storage has been bumped up as well. You now get 250GB, 90 Gigs more than the previous version. There is the option to upgrade to a 320GB HDD or an 80 SSD. However there is always a tradeoff between price and performance. Hence this performance upgrade comes at a price to you. The previous price point of around $300 has become $400 for the new Mini 311s.

The battery life on the older version used to be a nice 6 hours almost. But now that the full version NVIDIA ION is onboard, that is bound to change. No wonder the battery life has been left craftily out of the highlights. With specs in this state, it is likely that the battery life is around 4.5 to 5 hours depending on the configuration you choose.

The thing that will decide the fate of all these PCs is how well Windows 7 performs and that can only be seen after the OS has been in use for a few months.

Kohjinsha Dual Screen Netbook

Image: Akihabara News

Image: Akihabara News

Kohjinsha has been showing off a new prototype at this year’s CEATEC at Japan. This is something that has set many hearts aflutter – a netbook with two LCD screens. Yes, it has two separate LCD panels sitting side by side on a netbook and this is an actual working prototype. So you have entire desktop being displayed across the two screens, making it a very wide display.

Each LCD panel can display a maximum resolution of 1366×768 and the netbook itself is running on Windows 7. The processor is not an Intel. The netbook is instead powered by AMD’s Athlon MV-40 processor, 4GB DDR2 RAM and a 2.5 SATA HDD.

The width of the display makes it outsize anything that any portable device has to offer in the current market. The folding mechanism ensures that both screens fold into a typical notebook form factor. But it will be something that is slightly thicker than the average netbook because it is about 1.7 inches thick while closed. It is also quite heavy at about 1.8 kilos. However, for those who want extra screen space, this should be much better then carrying around a USB monitor.

However, all this planning might just go to waste because this is nothing but a proof of concept from the company. So they have nothing to say regarding whether this will ever hit the shelves of retails stores. However, the main problem here is usually the target market for such a device and not the practicality of the fabrication, as displayed by the smoothly working prototype. So unless there is a huge market demand for portables with extra-wide screen spaces, concepts like Kohjinsha’s dual screen netbook will have to stay as mere concepts.

Viliv S10 Blade Brings Viliv Up To Netbook Category

The Viliv S10 at IDF [Courtesy Gizmodo.com via CC]

Viliv has been known for making small MIDs and tablets that are mostly part of the pock pc segment. They changed this image at the IDF this year by releasing the Viliv S10 Blade convertible tablet. This 10inch device is the first real netbook from the company. The S10 being a Viliv, there is a lot of innovation that has gone in to the making of this device.

The S10 has a 10inch screen that has a native resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It runs Windows 7 and will offer some options for customization to the customer. There is a choice between a 1.33GHz processor  or a 2.0GHz processor, both Intel Atom. Storage is in the form of an SSD, with an option to choose between a 32GB one and a 64GB one.

Connectivity is taken care of by the usual WiFi and Bluetooth. There is an option to include a 3G broadband modem for those who want to surf on the go.

The battery life that Viliv claims is quite good  – 10 hours. That too with the battery not sticking out of the device but resting flush mounted with the rest of the components. Most extended batteries have the problem of jutting out of the device.

The device is a convertible tablet and the touchscreen is resistive. There is no indication from Viliv whether the touchscreen will support multi-touch but it is clear that such a new device would be incomplete without support for multi-touch.

A high degree of portability is a definite selling point for this device and it shows that the company has worked on this aspect. After all, a tablet that is not very portable is hardly a good tablet. The S10 has not been updated on Viliv’s official website and is not on sale at press time.

Atom Netbooks And Windows 7 Compatibility

If you’ve ever bought a computer of any kind which runs on the Windows operating system, you will definitely have noticed a certain small sticker. This is a marker which verifies what version of Microsoft Windows is currently installed on the machine, and which other versions, if any, it will run. The stickers to be put on all the newer machines will be getting the Windows 7 sticker, or will they?

There is something you should be aware of if you’re planning on buying a netbook in the near future, and that is some of them won’t be getting that little compatibility sticker concerning Windows 7. This may not be a big deal if you’re not interested in getting the newest Windows release, but if you’re planning on the upgrade later you may want to take note.

The problem comes in to play because the Windows 7 compatibility sticker means the machine can run all versions of the new release, which includes the 64 bit versions. The popular Atom Netbook N270 cannot run the 64 bit version, so it won’t be getting the logo sticker. This doesn’t mean you can’t install Windows 7 on your Atom Netbook, it just means you won’t be getting the 64 bit version. Atom Netbooks will run the 32 bit version with no problem.

The good news is the 64 bit machines are pushing out the older 32 bit models, and are making the 64 bit machines the standard. This means that 64 bit Atoms will be on the way shortly, so if you’re in the market for a netbook and want Windows 7, you may have to wait just a bit for their release.

Microsoft has taken some heat from some news sites for omitting the stickers from machines which can run the 32 bit version, stating that it is just a move to make consumers buy a higher priced machine in order to run the 64 bit version. Microsoft stands on the premise that if it doesn’t run all versions of Windows 7, it doesn’t get the sticker.

Hercules Steps In to Netbook through Windows 7 Wagon

Among this competitive market of manufacturing netbook Hercules has become a heavy name. They were previously in the business of making Webcams and DJ rings and also made some low profile netbook in Europe. But now they have decided to capitalize the US market with their high profile netbook with Windows 7 nothing less than that.

It has been installed with Windows 7 starter (less advanced) and the eCafe EC-1000W and it is remarkable for its two features: it has a 250GB hard disk drive against the 160GB netbook standard and offers 50GB of free online storage to eCafe EC-1000W customers.

There are several manufacturers who provide free online storage facility but people are still not aware of this due to their poor marketing.

Hercules has been a great facility for the consumers by providing spaces with extended hard drives which give the user more data to store without the use of external memories of flash drives. Specified with a hundred and sixty gigabytes storage the users will find this netbook very attractive. Hercules also offers some custom e-mail and Webcam software programs with the package. Otherwise you may get 1GB of RAM, 802.11n Wi-Fi, a 10.1-inch 1024×600 screen and Atom N270 at the end of October for just $399.

A netbook is the most advanced type of computer designed for maximum portability. It has become the trend of the day to become an owner of a netbook and its demand has been growing by day with leading manufacturers in the industry innovating – recently HP also introduced the mini 311 with an 11 inch LCD display.

High End and Pricey Netbooks โ€“ Is it Worth It?

Nokia Netbook

Nokia Netbook

Just recently this week, Nokia was the topic of discussion about its new Netbook tipping the price scales within the Netbook market. Providing a 10 inch screen, 12 hour battery life, and containing Windows 7 OS, it seems their new Netbook will cost more than most other mini laptops. There is a lot of competition in the premium market of Netbooks and Nokia’s Booklet 3G will sell for close to 900$ USD and that is not including taxes.

After Microsoft releases its new operating system, Nokia will start shipping this new Netbook, but will people pay the big bucks for it? Typically you can pick up a quality Netbook for around 400$ USD and it will normally have all the features you will need.

It seems Nokia has no choice but to enter the Netbook market; it’s one of the largest mobile phone makers, but the line between mobile phones and computers is slowly disappearing.

The company introduced this new Netbook last week and they are boasting big features for their product. The Netbook weighs 2.75lbs, is three quarters of an inch thick, and comes in three colors, blue, black and white. It will be running the soon to be released Windows 7 and is powered by an Intel 1.6GHz Atom processor. The user will have at their disposal 1GB of system memory and a 120-GB hard disk drive. They are advertising a battery life of 12 hours with 16 cell batteries.

I am sure Nokia will not be the only company trying to sell a pricey and high end Netbook. The long-term life span of these pricey Netbooks could be decided by how well the sales do for Nokia’s new product.

However, with so many hard core tech junkies wanting new and expensive gadgets, there will be a market and people could be paying big dollars for these Netbooks.