XP Gives Better Battery Life Than Windows 7 In Netbooks

Windows-7-XP-modeMicrosoft has been trying to get rid of the eight-year-old Windows XP for quite some time now. But after the Windows Vista debacle, they have been having a harder time removing XP from the consumer’s memory. Even though Windows 7 is finally out and it is definitely better than both Vista and XP, it seems like people are searching out more reasons to stay with XP.

Even though many mainstream desktop and laptop users have upgraded to Vista or Windows 7, netbook users form the main demographic that is stuck with XP. XP is the least demanding of the currently available Windows OS’ and hence it suts netbooks users perfectly. But now that Windows 7 is here, Microsoft finally has reasons that are compelling enough for the company to put their full weight behind advocating switching. But things have not been going so well.

Recent tests by Laptop Magazine suggest that XP netbooks tend to have longer battery lives than their Windows 7 running counter part. In an OS to OS comparison based on the same devices, XP came with the more battery life – at about 45 minutes extra on an average.

This was only to be expected because being an old OS, it was configured from the ground up to run on configurations that are considered to be extremely low at present. Its lack of extra features that demand more computing power is probably what caused it to run longer on the test systems.

But XP is getting old and Microsoft is sure to stop supporting the OS in the very near future. Also, XP lacks the modern innovations that make Windows 7 such a compelling deal. There is also the profit problem for Microsoft – netbooks cause them to lose money already because netbooks use the lowest edition of Windows 7. And now if XP refuses to budge from netbooks, Microsoft will be losing a substantial part of their revenue.