Toshiba Unveils AMD Powered Satellite T215 Netbook

Toshiba [ETR:TSE1] has released news about an upcoming netbook that will be powered by an AMD chip instead of an Intel one. This is the Toshiba Satellite T215 and it will be powered by an AMD Neo processor. You might remember that AMD’s Neo line is one of the few competitors of the Intel Atom line.

The Satellite T215 is powered by an AMD Athlon II Neo processor, which is the equivalent of a dual-core Intel Atom chip. The main concern here is whether the Athlon Neo chip will be able to live up to the performance level set by Intel’s Atom processors. Toshiba actually has a similar Satellite netbook called the Satellite T210. They are both 11 inch netbooks and the only difference is that the T210 is powered by an Intel Atom processor.

The T215′s Neo processor also comes with integrated ATI graphics, making it a good deal if it can live up to the expectations of it performing well in real life situations.

The Satellite T215 will be coming in with a chiclet style keyboard, the kind that was made famous by Apple (but existed long before that). It will have one USB port that will be able to charge devices even when the system is sleeping and two normal USB drives that sleep with the system. It will have 2GB of DDR3 RAM and up to 320GB of HDD storage. It weighs approximately 3.3 pounds and will come in three — red, white and black. It will have a matte silver finish on the inside with a chrome trim around the touchpad, something that is becoming awfully common these days.

They have been kind enough to announce the release date and the price. It will be coming out on the 20th of June and will be priced at $470, presumably for the base configuration.