ION Netbooks Emerge But Slowly

nvidia-ion21The long promised ION netbooks are emerging, but really slowly. So far we have one from Samsung and one from Asus. But other than that, there are no other models. This is worth noticing because of two things.

A)   The ION has been around for a long time now and it is almost time for ION 2 to emerge into the mainstream.

B)   The ION actually adds the missing piece of the puzzle by giving Atom exactly what Atom needs – raw, graphics cheap.

The companies that have brought these netbooks are actually spending any money on that. They are just waiting for the boom to hit? Not exactly. Their main problem is that netbooks carry too little a profit margin. That is bad enough for any company. But then something else happened.

ION came along and showed everyone that it is actually possible to achieve great graphics and HD video capabilities on netbooks running on Atom dual core CPUs. In fact, it can play most recent 3D games at respectable details and frame rates. Suddenly, everyone realized that they do not have to spend all that much to get decent performance. They can get the usability of a $800 desktop from a $450 netbook because they don’t need the surplus performance that remains when they use their main systems.

So once people begin to understand that ION netbooks are actually extremely cheap and powerful solutions, they will stop buying the high-end systems. And it is through these higher-end devices that companies and vendors actually make their profit. So they will never shoot themselves in the foot and promote something that will eat away their profit. The ultimate loser is actually the consumer, who is losing out on a great piece of technology.