Intel Atom N470 (Pineview) To Relax Rules

intel2The manufacturers who currently build Atom based devices do not have much freedom in terms of the components that they can use with the embedded processor. This is because Intel has strict restrictions in place that govern exactly what type of components the manufacturers can and cannot use. These rules pertain to things like a balance between performance and battery life, screen size, graphics etc. This is why most of the netbooks have extremely similar configurations and some are in fact identical to each other. This is about to change.

As Intel prepares to launch the next generation Atom processors, it is being said that the rules governing manufacturers will finally be relaxed. This means that the manufacturers will finally be able to bring in a lot more variety to the entire segment. Along with this, Windows 7 has been making an impact on the segment since it was launched. With the OEM-only Windows Starter Edition finally available on new netbooks, we are about see quite a few major changes in the entire market once Pinewview is released. But consumers want to experience better performance and reliability above everything else.

The new Atom processors are expected to deliver better performance at similar or lower power consumption. The die is expected to be smaller and manufactured through a process that is different from the process followed for the current Atoms. With more companies getting into the foray, like AMD, VIA, ARM and even NVIDIA, Intel needs to be on its toes to remain competitive.

But they do have a huge lead over the other players, judging by the sheer number of netbooks that use Atom chips. Only a handful of manufacturers are experimenting with the new chips from these other companies. Also, Intel’s CULV chips are cannibalizing Atom’s market in some cases. So Intel’s Atom strategy may need to change this time around.

Pineview Eee PCs Spotted On FCC

Asus-Eee-pcThe FCC has sprung a leak somewhere and through it we are getting all sorts of pre-launch news that is not supposed to reach the public. Through this channel we are getting new of new Asus Eee PC models that seem to be sporting the new Atom Pineview processor.

Intel’s Pineview is the code name for the next generation Atom chips that will power highly portable devices. The Pineview has not reached a stage where it is available on models that are hitting the shelves in this pre-holiday season but they are going to start appearing early next year for sure. The new chips are expected to couple more processing power with better energy efficiency.

The unannounced Asus Eee PCs that have been dug up differ from the current models only on the point of the processor being used. For the other things they are still carrying only 1GB of RAM and 160GB of storage. It can also be speculated that the design of the models will remain the same as well. So over all, people will get better multi-tasking performance but RAM-dependant tasks will still hit a bottleneck.

However, since these are pre-release details, they might not remain the same when Asus finally gets around to making these models public. Since they are already on the FCC’s list pending approval, them turning up right before the holidays kick in is not very unlikely.

Of the two models that have been found, at least one seems to be carrying a 3G modem onboard for mobile Internet connections. That should make the model very attractive to holiday shoppers, given the usually low price point of Eee PCs of that configuration.