MSI Releases Wind U135 Model To Celebrate Sales

U135_all-300x198MSI must be pretty chuffed with themselves for making the Wind line of netbooks. They are mostly known as a component manufacturer before they came out with the Wind to ride on the big netbook wave of the last two years. The Wind has been pretty successful and has sold millions. This has caused MSI to commemorate the success by releasing a new Wind model. It is called the Wind 135 and it has some real muscle for a change.

Okay, so when I say muscle, do remember that I mean it in a netbook way. That means that it has something extra as opposed to just a new look. The U135 is powered by a chip from Intel’s new Pine Trail series Atom processors. There is a choice between 160GB and 250GB HDDs when it comes to storage, which is pretty nice to have on a netbook. Also, the keys are supposed to be 20% bigger and that can really make a difference in how good it feels when you are using it on a regular basis. Netbook keyboards have always had small keys to conform to the form factor, so we will take anything that is bigger than the average. So this is actually a worthwhile feature to talk about.

The power consumption has also come down. It now consumes only 7 watts of power. With the optional 6-cell battery, you can really make your netbook last well beyond your entire working day.

Other than these features, everything else is pretty much what you expect them to be. There is 1GB of DDR2 memory, the screen is 10″ and you get Windows 7 Starter Edition. There’s a 1.3MP webcam, 3 USB 2.0 ports and 4in1 card reader slot. That last one is actually another really useful feature. You can get it for around $310-$330 on Amazon.

New Japanese Eee PC Model Claimed To Have 11.7 Hours Of Battery Life

Asus Japan Eee PC 1005PEAsus Japan has announced recently that they are going to release a new Eee PC model called the Eee PC 1005 PE. The release is set to happen on January 30th as per the announcement. According to the company, this netbook is capable of delivering a really impressive battery life performance at nearly 12 hours! They claim that it should last 11.7 hours, to be absolutely precise.

Of course, as we all know, industrial testing standards rarely reflect the reality. So this will probably come down to between 10 and 11 hours. But even then it is pretty impressive. Especially because this new Eee PC model has nothing new component wise to distinguish it from your average Eee PC. Okay, so may be everything except the battery.

The Eee PC 1005PE is pwoered by  an Intel Atom N450 (Pine Trail) processor, clocked at 1.66GHz. Tt has the usual paltry amount of memory at 1GB, 250GB of HDD storage, Intel NM10 onboard graphics and 10.1inch LCD screen for display with a 1024×600 resolution. As for I/O you will get 3 USB 2.0 ports, WiFi (b/g), Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, an SD card slot and a webcam. As you can see, it is basically your standard fare as far as components go.

There’s already an Eee PC 1005 model available in the market and this one is not different from that one at all. So what we can expect is basically the same thing with an increased battery life. Moves like this one has become a staying trend in the netbook market – if you cannot change the whole package, just make sure that you give people enough reason to upgrade to a newer device.

In reality, people do want more battery life out of their netbooks. But this just old wine in a slightly bigger bottle. The Japanese price of ¥44,800 is equivalent to €345. It will come down to well under $400 if it makes it to the US.

HP 210 Netbook Is Here, Of Sorts

hp-210-sighting-rm-engThe HP 210 Netbook is officially available. It is available on retail and it is also available in troubleshooting entries. But there’s one major thing missing — the thing was never announce officially. No glitzy photosets, no long winded PR, none of that. May be HP is cutting costs while the global economy stabilizes out. You never know what they are up to but at least the device is here for us to buy.

The HP 210 is a netbook device that turned up just a week or so back on troubleshooting pages where support pages fully list it’s specs. In the meantime, it was available for sale on the e-tailer eCost. On eCost, it was said to be in stock and going for $399 for the matte black option. I like that, the matte black option.

Other than that little morsel, you also get to know that the thing is another netbook that belongs to the first wave of Pine Trail netbooks. Pine Trail is the next version of Intel’s Atom chip.

The 210 is powered by an Intel Atom N450 (a Pine Trail indeed) and has integrated graphics. That means no HD video or any such thing. It will still be pretty sluggish at only 1GB RAM and storage is the usual (read boring) affair with 250GB coming in as standard. Battery is 6-cell but no estimates have been found. Is this beginning to get a norm with HP? Let’s hope not. I say this because a similar thing happened with the Mini 311. May be the marketing dept. is really small and forgetful at HP. Get your act together HP, everybody’s watching.

Samsung N220 Pine Trail Netbook

n220-1There has been a leak of sorts of a new Samsung Pine Trail netbook thanks to a French retailer listing it, probably ahead of then given schedule. This is the Samsung N220, the first Samsung  Pine Trail device to be spotted so clearly and with so much detail too. It just might become the first Pine Trail netbook from Samsung to go on sale, followed by the inevitable many that are going to be made.

Since it was listed for sale, the leak carries a hefty amount of detail. It basically leaves nothing out and is as good as an official announcement could’ve been minus the PR talk. The CPU is an Intel Atom N450 running at 1.6GHz. The display is a non-glossy 10.1” screen displaying 1024×600 pixels. You get the standard 1GB RAM, which still ticks me off big time. Storage is okay at 250GB. It will be running Windows 7 Starter edition, which is again okay. Thankfully, it does not skimp on connectivity and has WiFi (b/g/n), Bluetooh 2.1 and the mandatory ethernet. It also has an SDHC card slot along with 3 USB slots, VGA out and audio in and outs. It’s powered by a 6-cell 5900mAh battery that is rated at 11.5 hours, so I would expect around 10 hours under normal conditions. The Euro price is 349, which much over $500 in USD but that will come down when it starts selling in the US. Economy differences make sure of that.

So like I said, we know basically everything there is to know and still nothing official from Samsung. The main thing to note here is the extra long battery life. I think it is as much the 6-cell battery as the improvements of Pine Trail.