Onkyo C413 10″ Netbook Debuts In Japan

Onkyo has launched a new netbook in Japan today and it is called the Onkyo C413. It is a 10″ netbook that has the basic look and feel of a netbook and has absolutely nothing that separates it from the rest of run-of-mill netbooks crowding the netbook space in Japan and elsewhere. There is however one thing to note about it — it sure looks similar to the C411 netbook released by Onkyo earlier this year.

The Onkyo C413 has a 10.1 inch display and has a 1024×600 native resolution. It is powered by a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor and has 1GB of RAM. Storage comes in the form of a 250GB hard drive. It has WiFi (b/g/n) and comes loaded with Windows 7 Starter Edition.

Even though he C413 looks like the C411, it does not have the option to choose between a AM/FM radio tuner and a Digital TV tuner like the C411 did. However, it does have separate left and right mouse buttons with the touchpad. This wasn’t the case with the C411.

It is possible that Onkyo decided not to run with the C411 and change the model to the C413 configuration because the demand for the C411 wasn’t high enough. Even though the idea of having the radio tuner/TV tuner on a netbook sounds like a fun prospective, you have to remember that people are usually on the move with a netbook and saving battery life is of the utmost importance.

And they are very likely to have a phone/PMP with them that already has their music on it and may be also a radio tuner. Considering all this, a consumer might decide that paying extra for a netbook that has a radio/TV tuner is simply not worth it when it will hardly be used. Hence, it is quite possible that the C411 will be phased out.