Netbook Growth Goes Into Negative But iPad May Not Be The Only Cause

It has been pointed out by the analysts at NPD that the overall growth of netbooks in the US went into negatives last month. This news has of course caused a lot of upheaval in the tech circuit, with everyone being really quick to blame Apple for this. We all know that the iPad has caused a significant damage to the whole portable segment this year but it cannot by itself account for sending a whole segment into negative growth.

There are multiple other factors at work here and the iPad is jut one of them. The overall sales of the mobile computer category has been going down lately in the country, with the US economy being in a bad state overall. The purchasing power of the average consumer is currently on the wane, pushing gadgets into the luxury category.

The shrinking budget that people have for gadgets is now going to things that make more of an impact on the consumer and iPad is definitely one of them this year. When the whole netbook explosion happened early 2008, there was a peak in budget-conscious buyers looking to fulfill their basic computing necessities. This made the netbook reach its peak by the middle of that year.

Back in last year also it became apparent that the netbook market was slowing down. For a segment that peaked initially, this slow down was all but expected. So what’s happening now? Well, the market is wrestling with the economics and the cannibalizing pressures of the iPad and finally stabilizing out too. So the sales figures will be weak for some more time to come before the iPad becomes a bit less ‘magical’  and the consumer has more money.