Toshiba’s New Netbook Passes Through The FCC

image_thumb92Toshiba has obtained the FCC’s approval for one of its latest netbook offering — the NB300. The details are scanty at this moment. It is more or less certain that this netbook will be similar in size to Toshiba’s existing offerings — the NB200/NB205.

Unlike the LG XNote LGX30, which uses the Poulsbo platform, the NB300 is using (supposedly) the Pineview platform. So it can be expeced in the first quarter (Q1) of 2010. As was last heard, Intel is still planning to announce the Pinetrail and Pineview Platforms in early 2010. The announcement would likely see a deluge of  new Atom-based netbooks following it, offered by most of the major and minor players.

The NB300 is also highly likely to show up on the roster of one or more US carriers because it is apparently packing a Qualcomm 3G chip (the Gobi2000) so that it can connect to 3G network natively.

Out of all the companies that have been making netbook so far, only a few have reached a stage where people readily accept what they are offering. And although Toshiba is a well-known and well-respected brand in the notebook market, its netbooks have been received with a lukewarm response. Acer and Asus are currently enjoying a lot customer attention and hence they can afford to produce a wider array of netbooks. Even though Atom-based netbooks are extremely similar to each other, certain smaller component and design decisions actually influence the buyer’s decision a lot.

Toshiba has so far kept its build quality more or less intact but the company needs to up the Ante a bit more to strike it better in the already saturated market.