LG’s X170 Netbook Announced, Features “SmartPOP”

LG [NYSE:LPL] has just released a new netbook that goes by the name of X170. It is your normal netbook fare with an Intel Atom processor and average memory and storage. But it has a new feature that distinguishes it from all other netbooks in the market. This feature is what LG calls the “SmartPOP” feature. It allows you to access your phone from your netbook in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

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LG X20 Spotted ON FCC, Looks Fancy

LG X20LG X20 was last seen in this year’s CES at Las Vegas this January. The world had pretty much forgotten about the netbook till it was again recently spotted passing through the FCC’s mandatory approval process. Being from LG, this netbook pays attention to the way it looks. The lines are much cleaner and the over all finish is definitely towards the slimmer side.

The 10.1″ screen has widescreen look to it. Looking at the 1366×768 pixels resolution, it is clear that the LG X20 netbook has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This makes the screen really great for watching movies. The display is a TFT LCD screen. It is powered by an Intel N450 processor, humming away at 1.66GHz. Graphics is handled by the onboard  intel 3150 graphics. RAM is upto 2GB apparently, so that is definitely a good news.

There are several model numbers to be reckoned with for this one device — X200, XB200, XD 200 and XV200. It is clear though that there in only one model. Hence, these separate model numbers probably refer to the various regions in which this will be sold. According to the manual, it will be available in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, India, Singapore and Korea.

it has WiFi (b/g/n), 250GB HDD, 1.3MP webcam, HSPA 3G (hence the FCC approval) and Bluetooth as well. There’s no information on release or pricing but do expect a higher than usual price for this netbook. The design and the slightly higher specs like Bluetooth, larger HDD and more RAM, will likely increase the retail price. The isolate style flat keys keyboard also adds a touch of class to the X20.

In the US, this is might be subsidized by carriers although there is no such talks as of yet.

LG XNote LGX30 Spied On The FCC

lgx30-03Whoever figured out that spying the FCC’s list of pending approvals would be a good idea, did something extremely right. It has been a busy few months for all the tech companies and with major start-of-the-year events coming up, there’s no space to breathe post the holiday product release rush.

A new netbook from LG has been spotted at the FCC, it is from the company’s XNote Series of Netbooks and is extremely handy and slim. What it isn’t is a netbook that is based on Pinetrail, Intel’s next generation Atom Processors. With the official launch of Pinetrail Atom chips  rumored to be early next month and other companies already lining up their offerings, you would think that LG would be preparing something with the Pinetrail instead of the Poulsbo generation that uses Atom Z Series CPUs.

This netbook is an 11incher and has a native display resolution of 1366×768. As mentioned earlier, it is powered by an Atom Z series processor along with a GMS 500 series graphics chip. RAM is likely to be the netbook standard at 1GB, which is pretty pathetic no matter which way you look at it. When it comes to storage, LG has gone the SSD route and that might mean a hefty price tag for this pretty average netbook. But at least it will be faster than your usual fare.

It has the usual bells and whistles – 2 USB ports, WiFi b/g, 1.3MP webcam and optional Bluetooth and HSPA modem. It has VGA out and no HDMI, which is only to be expected.

From the pictures it is apparent that the netbook has the non-tradional, isolated keys style keyboard which is becoming more and more common now. Over all, the slightly stylish features of the XNote series remain but only a decent price tag will sell this netbook in this recessive and saturated market. The older platform (Poulsbo) is going to be another setback.