iPad and Kindle Fire Kick Start The Holidays With Competitive Early Sales

Apple’s iPad 2 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire have been battling head to head in terms of pre-holiday sales numbers. Amazon has stated that the Kindle Fire is by far its bestselling product to date. This handy seven inch tablet went on the market for pre-order in late September, with the initial devices being shipped out mid November. While we do know the sales have been quite high, as usual, Amazon has declined comment in regards to the precise sales data. However, the internet giant did let the cat out of the bag in a press conference by telling us that they had actually sold four times as many Kindle’s than they did on last year’s Black Friday.

Apple’s iPad 2 didn’t do so bad itself with at least 70% higher sales on an hourly basis this year than last. Of course this data has been confirmed by an analyst, Gene Munster who released a research memo on November 28th indicating that both ShopperTrak and comScore data showed a consistent spike in traffic and retails sales on Black Friday. The true test is going to be whether or not the Kindle Fire can hold out throughout the season in direct competition with one of the world’s most popular devices. In a recent online survey consisting of 1,000 people, results showed that 44% stated they would most definitely purchase a Kindle Fire over an iPad, 44% claimed an insufficient amount of knowledge about either product to make a choice, and the last 12% were still iPad loyalists.

Apple’s iPad has had a major monopoly on the consumer market for quite some time and the true test will be whether or not the Kindle Fire can continue to sell at its current rate. If it continues on this momentous path, there is a very good chance the Apple iPad 2 could lose out to the Kindle this holiday season. If this happens Apple could lose its edge this year for the first time in a long while.

During the year previous a variety of tablets which have been called “iPad killers” have been released with a strong start only to fizzle out and ultimately meet their demise as a result of bad reviews and horrible sales. Before the Kindle Fire was released Apple execs are rumored to have told Ben Reitzes, an analyst for Barclays Capital that the latest tablet by Amazon would show many of the same problems the others had shown. Apple seemed very confident that the Kindle Fire would not hold up against its product. Will Apple eat their words? That remains to be seen but so far the Kindle Fire seems to be showing favorable potential to compete.

Many experts believe that Apple will have no choice but to show aggression where price is concerned sometime in the near future, without compromising any of the quality found in the iPad. The new Kindle Fire contains a strongly modified Android interface, one that enables users to purchase e-books as well as streaming content from Amazon. Coupled, these advantages may just be the leverage Amazon needs to take the market this year.

Amazon Cyber Monday And Kindle Fire

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Amazon Kindle Fire Black Friday

Amazon Kindle Fire

There is only two days of the year that you can find the kind of deals you will find this Monday. One of them is Black Friday and the other, of course, Cyber Monday. This sale takes place the Monday just following Black Friday and it is especially great because there are no long lines to contend with, no traffic to deal with, just pure and simple shopping right from your computer. All you need is an internet connection, a credit card and a computer! It has never been easier to find all the best discounts on your favorite items.

If you have been considering an item such as the iPad Touch, iPod or some other electronic device, this is going to be the best day for you to get your hands on one at an extremely reasonable price. Xbox360’s, Kinect to go with it and of course let’s not forget the PS3 when considering that shopping list! Chances are you have someone in your family who has expressed an interest in a PlayStation 3, or maybe you just want one for your own entertainment. Either way, the best time of year to purchase one is on Cyber Monday.

There are going to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of online stores participating in this event and all of them will be in direct competition with each other. This means the price slashes are going to be out of this world! It also means you get to be a little choosy as there are going to be a lot of sites that will be selling the products you are looking for at an even better price than the last site you were at. Cyber Monday is an event that you do not want to miss, whether it is just one thing you are looking to buy or 100 things!

Update: Although it appears that Amazon has forgone putting out much anticipated Kindle Fire Black Friday deal this year, there is still a way to get Kindle Fire at $40 discount for $159. All you need to do is to sign up for Amazon Credit Card. You will immediately get $40 bonus on your account available to purchase Kindle Fire, other Kindle Devices or anything else on Amazon for that matter. Click there for details.

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio – $0.99

All time hit for all portable devices is on Kindle Fire too!

What’s new in version 1.4.0

  • Six fantastic episodes with 165 exciting levels!
  • Completely new achievements!
  • Special hidden fruits – discover them all!
  • Put your Angry Birds skills to the ultimate test in a spectacular boss fight

Cut the rope – $0.99

Cute hungry candy monster is on Kindle Fire.

When you see a mysterious package on your doorstep, you can’t help but open it. Who wouldn’t? But be warned: Once you open the box, there’s no going back. You’ll be instantly addicted to this premium version of Cut the Rope–a game in which you feed an adorable, candy-craving monster named Om Nom all the sweets he can eat.

Fruit Ninja – $0.99

Playing with your food might not seem like a crucial part of ninja training, but as the good folks at Halfbrick Studios will tell you–for ninjas, it’s more than just a game. All ninjas hate fruit! Join the ninja clan as you slash your way through three modes of juicy gameplay. You’ll soon see that Fruit Ninja is the messiest, most satisfying fruit game ever!

So go ahead get your Kindle Fire either for $199 or for $159 (by getting an Amazon credit card and getting $40 off) and play these great games. You won’t regret!

Amazon Black Friday Deal for Kindle Fire Coming?

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Amazon Kindle Fire Black Friday

Amazon Kindle Fire

Update: Although it appears that Amazon has forgone putting out much anticipated Kindle Fire Black Friday deal this year, there is still a way to get Kindle Fire at $40 discount for $159. All you need to do is to sign up for Amazon Credit Card. You will immediately get $40 bonus on your account available to purchase Kindle Fire, other Kindle Devices or anything else on Amazon for that matter. Click there for details.

Another Kindle Black Friday deal is – Kindle DX 3G for $259 ($120 32% off from usual price of $379). Available all day and without limits.

The Kindle Fire is the tablet to watch during the 2011 Holiday shopping season.  The big question that surrounded the new Amazon tablet prior to release was whether it would make a dent into the iPad’s sales.

So far, it doesn’t show much sign of hurting the iPad, but it is a different type of tablet.  The competition that the Kindle Fire faces is the NookColor.  Both the Kindle Fire and NookColor are 7” tablets as opposed to the iPad being a 10” tablet.

Since the announcement of the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble immediately dropped the price of the NookColor to match the Kindle Fire’s current $199 price.  So, there are a lot of cat and mouse games in the tablet market.

The Kindle Fire is geared more towards people who are looking for a multipurpose device.  For hardcore readers, it is recommended to go with a tried and true e-reader such as the Kindle or Kindle Touch since they have screens that are designed for long term reading.

There are a great number of apps and games out there, including popular ones such as Netlifx, Pandora, Angry Birds, and much much more.  Amazon Prime members have access to free video streaming on select movies, and the tablet automatically comes with a free month’s worth of the service.

The Kindle Fire includes an Amazon built browser that uses customization techniques similar to its “recommendations’ service.  It also has a program called Newsstand that includes a wide selection of popular magazines.  The biggest benefit of the Kindle Fire as far as magazines are concerned is that it can show them in full color.  That solves the graphic issues that Kindle reviewers have brought up in the past.

So, as far as Black Friday sales go, the best deal is the low release price of Kindle Fire.  It is available online and in retail stores all over the US.  It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for more deals on games and accessories as the holiday shopping season progresses.

Amazon Black Friday Deals For Kindle Fire Today?

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Amazon Kindle Black Friday

Since all of the different Kindles are going at such low prices, it leaves room for accessories.  Staples is offering a $15 gift card with the purchase of a Kindle, but Amazon has the widest selection of games, covers and lights for the e-reader.  In addition to all of these goodies, there are more opportunities than ever to get free or discounted books.

Amazon introduced Kindle Public Library Lending earlier this fall, and it has really taken off.  It is currently available in 11,000 and counting libraries nationwide.  Other e-readers such as the Nook have been compatible with e-books for awhile.  By allowing books to be checked out on the Kindle, e-book borrowing is now available to a much greater audience since the Kindle is the bestselling e-reader.

There are also a number of free and reduced priced books available year round.  The free book list often carries a well known book for a limited time.

Amazon has also added some features that make it worthwhile to be a Prime member.  For $79 a year, Prime members can get access to free instant streaming, check out one book a month in the Kindle Owner’s Library Lending program, and enjoy free two day shipping on all products.

The Kindle Fire comes with a free month of Amazon Prime, as it makes use of many of the benefits that prime members can take advantage of.  The Fire also has a ton of free and inexpensive games and tools to download.

Amazon runs sales on Kindle games from time to time, and Black Friday is a good time to do one.  In October, there was a .99 sale going on for Halloween editions of Kindle games, so the same deal is expected for editions with themes surrounding the holidays coming up.

So, overall, there are a lot of perks to having a Kindle in addition to the low prices on the device itself.  Black Friday and the sales around the holidays is a great opportunity to snag the best deals on Kindles, accessories, books, and games.

Amazon Black Friday Deals For Kindle Fire And Other Products Rolling Out

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Amazon Kindle Black FridayAmazon is definitely heating up the competition with the early release of the Kindle Fire. Consumers can get the much awaited Kindle tablet online now at Amazon.com. The price can’t really get much better at $199. It has given the competition a run for their money.

Black Friday deals can be found on Amazon’s Black Friday Deals page, via Facebook or Twitter, and through email updates. Find the Kindle Fire in retail stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Staples at the same price.

The Kindle Fire includes a 7” vibrant color display, and runs on the Android operating system. It uses apps from Amazon’s app store that was introduced several months ago. Popular apps and games such as Netflix, Pandora, and Angry Birds are all available on the tablet.

The Kindle Fire uses Amazon Silk, a browser designed to customize itself based on the user’s preferences. It is similar to the “recommendations” that Amazon gives on its website while browsing. The Fire also offers a newsstand with popular magazines and video capabilities.

The Kindle Fire has already made a slight dent in the iPad sales, but it is in more direct competition with the NookColor. It undercuts both of them in price, especially the iPad. So far the reviews have been positive overall with a few suggestions for future updates.

There is a Kindle for everyone regardless of age or preferences. The Kindle Fire will appeal to non readers since it has other purposes besides reading. The best predictions for deals on Black Friday are sales on games and accessories. Amazon has offered a lightning deal on previous generation Kindles before, so that is a possibility as well.


Kindle Fire Black Friday Deals Coming Soon?

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Amazon Kindle Fire Black Friday

Amazon Kindle Fire

Black Friday is just days away, and there is a vast selection of new gadgets out there waiting to be snatched up. The Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire were released on November 14, and are showing very favorable reviews overall.

Amazon has its own Black Friday page that includes everything you need to know to keep track of the latest Black Friday deals. Bookmark the Black Friday deals page, follow Amazon on Facebook or Twitter, and sign up for email updates. Amazon has been known to provide short term deals on its newer Kindles, and discounts on previous generations.

Since all of the Kindles are already set at extremely low prices, the thing to watch on the 2011 Black Friday sales is games and accessories. Holiday editions of popular games have been known to pop up, and Amazon is showcasing several different covers for the Kindle on their homepage.

The selection of Kindles has multiplied this year. The Kindle 3 is now called the Kindle Keyboard, and it comes in 3G and Wi Fi options. It is also offered with and without special offers. Amazon introduced a basic version of the Kindle that is simply named Kindle. This model starts at $79. The Kindle Touch starts at $99, and like the Kindle Keyboard, it comes with four different choices depending on whether you want 3G, Wi-Fi, or special offers. Lastly, the Kindle Fire is a tablet most comparable to the NookColor, and is $199.

There is a Kindle for all ages. The Kindle makes a great stocking stuffer or first Kindle for children. The Kindle Touch is the most bang for the buck with its new touch screen and features. The Kindle Fire reaches out to those who want a multipurpose device. The Kindle Keyboard remains for those who prefer a physical keyboard.


Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire Announced

Today Amazon has announced a foray of new Kindle devices: Kindle Touch (eInk reader similar to latest generation Sony models), Kindle Fire (Android-based 7″ tablet with backlit LCD screen that acts like a storefront for Amazon digital content: eBooks, periodicals, video and music) and Kindle 4 mini (keyboardless Kindle of a very small form factor, priced at $79). You can read about these devices in more detail here: Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire.