iPad and Kindle Fire Kick Start The Holidays With Competitive Early Sales

Apple’s iPad 2 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire have been battling head to head in terms of pre-holiday sales numbers. Amazon has stated that the Kindle Fire is by far its bestselling product to date. This handy seven inch tablet went on the market for pre-order in late September, with the initial devices being shipped out mid November. While we do know the sales have been quite high, as usual, Amazon has declined comment in regards to the precise sales data. However, the internet giant did let the cat out of the bag in a press conference by telling us that they had actually sold four times as many Kindle’s than they did on last year’s Black Friday.

Apple’s iPad 2 didn’t do so bad itself with at least 70% higher sales on an hourly basis this year than last. Of course this data has been confirmed by an analyst, Gene Munster who released a research memo on November 28th indicating that both ShopperTrak and comScore data showed a consistent spike in traffic and retails sales on Black Friday. The true test is going to be whether or not the Kindle Fire can hold out throughout the season in direct competition with one of the world’s most popular devices. In a recent online survey consisting of 1,000 people, results showed that 44% stated they would most definitely purchase a Kindle Fire over an iPad, 44% claimed an insufficient amount of knowledge about either product to make a choice, and the last 12% were still iPad loyalists.

Apple’s iPad has had a major monopoly on the consumer market for quite some time and the true test will be whether or not the Kindle Fire can continue to sell at its current rate. If it continues on this momentous path, there is a very good chance the Apple iPad 2 could lose out to the Kindle this holiday season. If this happens Apple could lose its edge this year for the first time in a long while.

During the year previous a variety of tablets which have been called “iPad killers” have been released with a strong start only to fizzle out and ultimately meet their demise as a result of bad reviews and horrible sales. Before the Kindle Fire was released Apple execs are rumored to have told Ben Reitzes, an analyst for Barclays Capital that the latest tablet by Amazon would show many of the same problems the others had shown. Apple seemed very confident that the Kindle Fire would not hold up against its product. Will Apple eat their words? That remains to be seen but so far the Kindle Fire seems to be showing favorable potential to compete.

Many experts believe that Apple will have no choice but to show aggression where price is concerned sometime in the near future, without compromising any of the quality found in the iPad. The new Kindle Fire contains a strongly modified Android interface, one that enables users to purchase e-books as well as streaming content from Amazon. Coupled, these advantages may just be the leverage Amazon needs to take the market this year.

iPad (iPad2) Black Friday Deal from Amazon?

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Today two black Friday deals from for iPod MP3 players (iPod Touch and iPod Nano) came and went (35% and 15% off respectively). Which is not bad at all for products from company that is keep on premium products at premium prices. For the second year in a row, the most coveted product to get deals for is Apple iPad (now iPad2). It’s the tablet that created the tablet market and currently dominates it.

Apple iPad 2

Technology so advanced, you’ll forget it’s even there.

When you pick up iPad, it becomes an extension of you. That’s the idea behind its innovative design. It’s just 0.34 inch thin and weighs as little as 1.33 pounds, so it feels completely comfortable in your hands.2 And it makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books so natural, you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Dual-core A5 chip. It’s fast, times two.

Two powerful cores in one A5 chip mean iPad can do twice the work at once. Multitasking is smooth, apps load quickly, and anything you touch responds instantly. And with up to nine times the graphics performance of the first-generation iPad, everything on iPad 2 is even more fluid and realistic, from gameplay to scrolling through your photo library.

Instant On. Touch and go.

Pick up your iPad, press the Home button, and it wakes from sleep instantly. That’s because iPad features fast, efficient, and reliable flash storage that lets you access data quickly. So everything effortlessly springs to life.

Battery life keeps on going. So you can, too.

Even with such a thin, light design, iPad has an incredible 10-hour battery life.1 That’s enough juice for one flight across the ocean, or one movie-watching all-nighter, or a week’s commute across town. Because iPad hardware and software are made for each other, the power-efficient A5 chip works with the iOS software to keep battery life from fading away.

Apple Releases The iPad Tablet Device

Apple iPadApple finally released their highly anticipated tablet device on the 27th of January and it is called the iPad. There are two main models — WiFi only and WiFi+3G — and three sub-models based on storage — 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Storage is flash and the processor is made by Apple. It is called the Apple A4 chip and clocks at 1GHz. It is not shipping right now and the first models will ship in 60 days from the release day and a higher model will ship in 90 days. The battery life was advertised as being 10 hours and on ‘one month’ on stand by.

It has Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, Accelerometer, Compass and AGPS (only on the higher models). The UI basic iPhone OS and has all the features that you get on the iPhone on a large screen. The screen is a 9.7″ IPS LCD display with full capacitive multitouch support. The IPS display ensures that you have great viewing angles when handling this device. The price for the base model is $499 and the highest model is $829. Apple has struck a deal with AT&T whereby people can sign up for 250MB usage for $14.99 monthly or unlimited data usage for $30 monthly. No one is quite sure whether this ‘unlimited’ is actually a fixed amount like 5GB or 10GB.

But if it is truly unlimited, then there’s not doubt that AT&T will be put under a lot of pressure to deliver. Apple is positioning this device between an iPhone and a MacBook. It has a dedicated eBook reader app called iBook and there is a dedicated eBook store coming up soon called the iBookStore. Apple also introduced a new version of its iWorks suite that has been redesigned to work on a touchscreen surface.

Due to its positioning and size, the iPad is thought to be direct competition for both netbooks and e-readers. Especially with the keyboard dock that Apple showed off during the event. Only time will tell how the market reacts but a lot of consumers are already saying that they are not entirely sure that this will replace their netbooks.

Apple iPad reviewed by blogkindle.com

Although in time we’ll post a proper hands-on review of the new apple tablet device here, right now there is an Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle comparison over at blogkindle.com that you can read.