Windows 7 Sees A Slew Of New Netbooks And Upgrades


Windows 7 is here and that has caused every PC company to upgrade their products to Windows 7. Compared to Vista, Windows 7 has been doing phenomenally well in the netbook sector and that has everything to do with the fact that Windows 7 starter was designed specifically to run on low-powered devices.

In fact, the lowest and completely stripped down edition of Windows 7 is not available to the individual buyer. It is an OEM-only version and is only to be found as the OS installed on your netbook.

Initially, during the public testing phase, there was an artificial 3 app limitation on the Starter edition. But that has since been repealed. However, there is one caveat that people are complaining about and that is the lack of multitouch support on the Starter edition.

Microsoft is clearly wary of having multitouch on machines that are low-powered. It will take a toll on the user experience and might cause discontentment that Microsoft simply cannot afford right now.

Which is why, some of the systems upgraded to Windows 7 have actually become les desirable. These are multitouch enabled low-powered netbooks/convertibles that have been making their rounds since earlier this year.

The entire PC industry has been looking at Redmond to help them get a break in this soft economy. The general tech sales are down and only a few companies are still growing. The most conspicuous being Apple, who has actually experienced about 12% year on year growth this last quarter.

But the rest of the industry is now hoping that the current volume of Windows 7 sales will last long enough for them to be able to recoup some of the business that they have lost to the negative growth this year.