Dell Introduces An Alienware Netbook

Dell Alienware M11x [Credit: Gizmodo]This just had to happen sooner or later. But looks Alienware’s entrance into the netbook playing field is slightly on the ‘later’ side of things. So Dell has introduced a new ‘Ultraportable’ called the M11x. This device, from the very looks right down the name, has Alienware written all over it. The design, the backlight, the grills, it’s just all too familiar. So what’s to special about the first ever Alienware netbook (so to say)?

Well, this 11.6″ device is packed with a Core 2 Duo chip that is complimented by a 1GB NVIDIA 335M graphics card. Yes, it is very powerful. Dell claims it is the most powerful notebook below the 15″ mark. That title is held by Alienware itself by the way, with their Nehalem mobile laptop with crossfire graphics.

The screen displays 1366×768 pixels and is covered with plastic instead of the usual glass. The body is also plastic but features the signature Alienware design, as mentioned before. So yes, this device that is basically a netbook has a 720p screen and can play games that other netbooks wouldn’t even think of in their wildest dreams.

During a demonstration at CES, the M11x played Call of Duty (a favorite for in-game performance benchmarks) at 30 FPS, which is extremely decent performance. You will not be able to play CoD if you turn on anti-aliasing on the M11x but that matters little for a little old 11.6″ ultraportable.

It also has 3 USB ports, 1 mini-firewire port and one VGA out port. They are certainly out to woo the legacy gaming crowd. Who uses a mini firewire these days anyway? It also has a SIM slot, to aid in your mobility.

The price is supposed to be below $1000 with all specs maxed out. But why would you want to buy an 11.6″ portable for $1000? That just does not make economic sense. But when has that ever stopped people from spending. It will hit sometime in February it seems.

Netbooks Causing Losses

netbooks_hp2133The netbook has more or less exploded in terms of demand and popularity. Even though the market is saturated with similar models made by myriad companies, the segment has still seen some growth in the past few quarters. That is more than what can be said for notebooks and desktops, which are much more expensive than laptops. Hence, netbooks are considered to be a hot sector to be dealing with right now.

But big company executives and analysts are not feeling the same way. That is because the great demand for netbooks and the sagging sales in other segments is actually hurting the profit margins of larger companies like Dell and Microsoft.

Larger notebooks and desktop models make companies much more money than netbooks, whose sales in sheer number of units has dropped drastically in the past one year. This has resulted in companies not being able to meet their financial targets for the past few quarters. Since the profits go into research and development of newer products, the companies are seeing this as hampering their growth and development in the coming quarters.

Microsoft feels similarly because netbooks are preventing the sales of the higher editions of Windows 7 like Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate. Not only that – netbooks are also promoting retention of the eight year XP operating system. Hence, it is causing losses for Microsoft as well.

As a counter measure, CEOs and top executives of the various companies are publicly speaking against the netbook segment. They are speaking as if their entire customer base is dissatisfied with the netbook line, when in reality they are actually quite content with it. They are looking to break this status quo and make the consumer buy the larger, faster and more expensive models. However, it has to be remembered that the companies jumped on to the segment as a way to push sales through the depression. So this is their own doing.

Dell Adamo: The next generation netbook

Dell Adamo NetbookDell, the company well known for promoting reasonably priced mainstream systems has released a new version of ultra thin notebooks named Adamo. The Dell Adamo notebook is considered the ideal notebook design for that section of consumers who are extremely luxury conscious.

Dell Adamo Notebook is a stylish laptop which is mainly focused on style, image and design. It is very thin with thickness of just 0.65 inches. This computer has a 2 GB/4 GB RAM with 1.2 GHz / 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with Centrino technology. A 13.4 inch wide screen and 1,366 x 768 pixels display and a high define resolution are its other notable features. The laptop supports Bluetooth 2.1 and mobile broadband options. The notebook also comes with two USB ports, a display port, a 2-in-1 port for eSATA, a Draft-N wireless and an Ethernet.

Dell Adamo ultra thin notebook also comes with an original windows vista home premium edition operating system with service pack 1. Weighing about 1.81 kg, the right hand side of the device has a line out jack and a power button while the rear of the notebook has heat vents. The peripherals on the outside are perfectly matched. With prices starting from 1,649, the Dell Adamo notebook can ably compete with the likes of Apple’s MacBook Air and HP’s Voodoo Envy133.

This Dell Adamo Ultra Portable Notebook comes in 2 colors namely black (onyx) and white (pearl). The notebook also has backlit, full size keyboard and an aluminum chassis. The power adapter is ultra compact. The battery has a life of five hours when fully charged. Adamo in Latin stands for “to fall in love”, and you can easily fall in love with this notebook for its stylish looks and unique design.

Dell Mini 10v brings Moblin 2 To Market

dell-inspiron-mini-10vMoblin stands for Mobile Linux and it was started back in 2007 by Intel to give Atom-based MIDs some traction in the market. The MIDs did not do so well but Intel came out richer by one very light and speedy mobile OS, not to mention the market share that they gained in the netbook segment, which they did not see coming at all.

Earlier this year, the project go transplanted from Intel’s labs to the Linux Foundation. Moblin has been the focus of heavy interest amongst the entire Linux community and they have all been working on derivatives of Moblin. The most noteworthy amongst those working with Moblin have been Novell and Canonical.

Canonical is the company that funds the development of the widely popular Linux distribution Ubuntu and its variants. They have developed a special distribution of Ubuntu that implements the major parts of the Moblin stack. Dell will be using this particular version on its Mini 10v which will be called the Dell Mini 10v Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition.

According to the website, the netbook was designed with Linux enthusiasts in mind, along with developers and early adopters. It however goes on to warn the potential buyer saying that Moblin is still at an experimental stage and is not a completely bug-free and stable operating system. That would of course turn off a lot of people but it is thankfully not enough for the target audience as mentioned earlier. That is because they already know all the risks involved in the equation.