Dell Mini 10v brings Moblin 2 To Market

dell-inspiron-mini-10vMoblin stands for Mobile Linux and it was started back in 2007 by Intel to give Atom-based MIDs some traction in the market. The MIDs did not do so well but Intel came out richer by one very light and speedy mobile OS, not to mention the market share that they gained in the netbook segment, which they did not see coming at all.

Earlier this year, the project go transplanted from Intel’s labs to the Linux Foundation. Moblin has been the focus of heavy interest amongst the entire Linux community and they have all been working on derivatives of Moblin. The most noteworthy amongst those working with Moblin have been Novell and Canonical.

Canonical is the company that funds the development of the widely popular Linux distribution Ubuntu and its variants. They have developed a special distribution of Ubuntu that implements the major parts of the Moblin stack. Dell will be using this particular version on its Mini 10v which will be called the Dell Mini 10v Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition.

According to the website, the netbook was designed with Linux enthusiasts in mind, along with developers and early adopters. It however goes on to warn the potential buyer saying that Moblin is still at an experimental stage and is not a completely bug-free and stable operating system. That would of course turn off a lot of people but it is thankfully not enough for the target audience as mentioned earlier. That is because they already know all the risks involved in the equation.