Asus Brings Together The Latest Technologies In New Eee PC

Asus, as I have often remarked, is the company that is solely responsible for starting the whole netbook trend. The form factor was already there but not very popular or wanted. Now it seems like the company is again on the verge of starting something new — including the latest tech in netbooks. Asus recently released the Eee PC 1015PEM that houses multiple cutting edge features.

The 1015PEM has USB 3.0 ports, which are quite the rarity right now because of how new the standard is. It is usually available only in high-end laptops and portables. Besides, there are talks of it being rendered obsolete by Light Peak — something that jointly developed by Apple and Intel.

It also has Bluetooth 3.0, which is again another first in the netbook category in all likelihood. There are hardly enough mobile devices out that have this standard. As can be deciphered from the version number, this is an upgrade on good ol’ Bluetooth for more speed and better connectivity.

Rounding off the whole thing nicely is the latest Intel Atom processor powering the whole machine. This new chip is the first dual-core Atom that is meant for portables. The previous dual-cores were meant for low-power desktops and nettops. Although some netbook models did experiment with it, this new chip is the first one that has been designed to be used in a portable.

The new chip fuses two cores on the same piece of silicon along with a GPU. This makes the overall communication faster by cutting out the bus communication paths between the CPUs and the GPU. The single die approach also ensures that there is no noticeable increase in power consumption even with the increased speed.

Looks like Asus has quite the netbook on their hands right now. But this is just the initial stage before this becomes the standard configuration and that will happen fast.


Atom N550 Dual Core Eee PC Coming With 13 Hours Of Battery Life

Asus is one of the many companies who are getting ready to upgrade their netbook line with the new Atom N550 dual core chip. But they are also a company who seem to be having some trouble keeping a lid on it. So both today and yesterday, details about their new dual core netbook have leaked on the internet. They are going to bring out their first Atom N550 netbook in the form of the Eee PC 1015PE.

The Eee PC 1015PE will be the first netbook from Asus to have the Atom N550 and will also have certain other extras that will push it in to the next generation of netbooks. According to details fished out of the official product page that accidentally went online for a brief few hours, the 1015PE will support DDR3 memory, thus having a much better performance rate.

Also new would be support for both Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 3.0 standards. The Atom N550 will be in the form of a 1.5GHz dual core processor. It will come with three options for the battery — 48Whr, 56Whr, and 63Whr — which will provide for 10, 11 and 13 hours of battery life respectively. At least that is what Asus claims the performance would be like.

Other than these features, everything else seems to be pretty standard with the netbook. It will have a 10inch display with a native resolution of 1024 x 600. Even with DDR3 onboard, it will have only 1GB of memory and will run Windows 7 Starter Edition at purchase.

The Atom N550 is not the first dual core processor in this line but the last one was not meant for portables due to the amount of power it consumed. This new model is deemed fit for netbook use and said to be high performance while still only sipping from the battery reserve.