Apple Releases The iPad Tablet Device

Apple iPadApple finally released their highly anticipated tablet device on the 27th of January and it is called the iPad. There are two main models — WiFi only and WiFi+3G — and three sub-models based on storage — 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Storage is flash and the processor is made by Apple. It is called the Apple A4 chip and clocks at 1GHz. It is not shipping right now and the first models will ship in 60 days from the release day and a higher model will ship in 90 days. The battery life was advertised as being 10 hours and on ‘one month’ on stand by.

It has Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, Accelerometer, Compass and AGPS (only on the higher models). The UI basic iPhone OS and has all the features that you get on the iPhone on a large screen. The screen is a 9.7″ IPS LCD display with full capacitive multitouch support. The IPS display ensures that you have great viewing angles when handling this device. The price for the base model is $499 and the highest model is $829. Apple has struck a deal with AT&T whereby people can sign up for 250MB usage for $14.99 monthly or unlimited data usage for $30 monthly. No one is quite sure whether this ‘unlimited’ is actually a fixed amount like 5GB or 10GB.

But if it is truly unlimited, then there’s not doubt that AT&T will be put under a lot of pressure to deliver. Apple is positioning this device between an iPhone and a MacBook. It has a dedicated eBook reader app called iBook and there is a dedicated eBook store coming up soon called the iBookStore. Apple also introduced a new version of its iWorks suite that has been redesigned to work on a touchscreen surface.

Due to its positioning and size, the iPad is thought to be direct competition for both netbooks and e-readers. Especially with the keyboard dock that Apple showed off during the event. Only time will tell how the market reacts but a lot of consumers are already saying that they are not entirely sure that this will replace their netbooks.