iPad and Kindle Fire Kick Start The Holidays With Competitive Early Sales

Apple’s iPad 2 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire have been battling head to head in terms of pre-holiday sales numbers. Amazon has stated that the Kindle Fire is by far its bestselling product to date. This handy seven inch tablet went on the market for pre-order in late September, with the initial devices being shipped out mid November. While we do know the sales have been quite high, as usual, Amazon has declined comment in regards to the precise sales data. However, the internet giant did let the cat out of the bag in a press conference by telling us that they had actually sold four times as many Kindle’s than they did on last year’s Black Friday.

Apple’s iPad 2 didn’t do so bad itself with at least 70% higher sales on an hourly basis this year than last. Of course this data has been confirmed by an analyst, Gene Munster who released a research memo on November 28th indicating that both ShopperTrak and comScore data showed a consistent spike in traffic and retails sales on Black Friday. The true test is going to be whether or not the Kindle Fire can hold out throughout the season in direct competition with one of the world’s most popular devices. In a recent online survey consisting of 1,000 people, results showed that 44% stated they would most definitely purchase a Kindle Fire over an iPad, 44% claimed an insufficient amount of knowledge about either product to make a choice, and the last 12% were still iPad loyalists.

Apple’s iPad has had a major monopoly on the consumer market for quite some time and the true test will be whether or not the Kindle Fire can continue to sell at its current rate. If it continues on this momentous path, there is a very good chance the Apple iPad 2 could lose out to the Kindle this holiday season. If this happens Apple could lose its edge this year for the first time in a long while.

During the year previous a variety of tablets which have been called “iPad killers” have been released with a strong start only to fizzle out and ultimately meet their demise as a result of bad reviews and horrible sales. Before the Kindle Fire was released Apple execs are rumored to have told Ben Reitzes, an analyst for Barclays Capital that the latest tablet by Amazon would show many of the same problems the others had shown. Apple seemed very confident that the Kindle Fire would not hold up against its product. Will Apple eat their words? That remains to be seen but so far the Kindle Fire seems to be showing favorable potential to compete.

Many experts believe that Apple will have no choice but to show aggression where price is concerned sometime in the near future, without compromising any of the quality found in the iPad. The new Kindle Fire contains a strongly modified Android interface, one that enables users to purchase e-books as well as streaming content from Amazon. Coupled, these advantages may just be the leverage Amazon needs to take the market this year.

The New 11.6″ Macbook Air: How Does It Affect Netbooks?

The 11 inch MacBook Air is now a reality. Even though Steve JObs had said that the form factor doesn’t really work, he has again shown that what he says is not what he actually practices. And it should not come across as a surprise to anyone either, he has done it before with multiple things. It would seem like the industry likes to fall for it every time. So now that Apple has officially stepped in to the netbook territory, how will affect the rest of the market?

Well, first of all the price is a huge issue. There’s no way it can compare to mainstream netbooks when it comes to being cheap. The new small MacBook Air is in fact not cheap at all! At just a buck shy of $1000, multiple other netbooks would fit in to that budget. However, that price does get you really goo looks, amazing slimness and rock solid construction. But that will not save it against a face off with average netbooks.

Netbooks came in to vogue when people had little money to spend on a computer. They discovered that netbooks came for cheap, were very portable and did all their daily computing tasks quite well. That has translated in to the netbook carving out quite a chunk for itself in the industry. The new MacBook Air does not fit into this scheme of things. Even though it is lightweight and a dream to carry, affordability remains a factor.

The specs are also very different. The Air is running a 1.86GHz core 2 duo processor, that is in no way comparable to an Atom processor. They have been made for different purposes altogether.So overall, even though the new size of the MacBook Air has caused it to be compared with Netbooks, it is actually still a shrunken MacBook and not much else.