Booklet 3G Is Finally Available And Booklet 2 Rumored For 2010

The new Booklet 3G from Nokia with built-in 3G and GPS capabilities

Nokia’s debut into the netbook segment and into the computing segment in general, is the Booklet 3G. The Booklet 3G is a 10” netbook that became the very first netbook to contain inbuilt aGPS, a 3G modem, accelerometer and various other features that are usually found only in smartphones. It was launched alongside the October 22nd launch of Windows 7, which runs on the device. Nokia collaborated with Intel in order to make this the Booklet.

It is currently available in the US either through a contract with AT&T or through Best Buy at a retail price. Best Buy has the exclusive retails rights to the device and hence all Booklet 3G models that are unlocked and sold without a carrier contract are to be found only at the online store and the physical stores owned by the retail chain. The retail price of the Booklet 3G in the US is $599.99.

That may be considered steep by some people but the advanced features of the device are the main reason why the cost is so much higher than the usual netbooks.

In the meantime, rumors are already circulating about an update to the Booklet 3G that is coming in the year 2010. Details are not clear but it seems like the company that makes the Booklet 3G is working overtime in order to satisfy the demands of the device. Since most of the advanced shipments are already on their way and the device is not in that great a demand, this flurry activity is regarded as abnormal. Hence, it is being speculated that Nokia us is making a second Booklet. Logically, that would make sense because the Booklet will soon be overtaken by other newer products and if Nokia has to continue in the market, they have to update the line.