Acer Ultrabook Currently Under Development For $699 Price Tag, Says Supply Chain

Acer Ultrabook

Acer Planning $699 15inch Ultrabook

There’s word on the streets that Acer is working to develop a new 15inch Ultrabook that they will ship next year for $699. This piece of information comes from sources within the Taiwanese supply chain that serves the company.

Apparently Acer has made quite a bit of profit from their 11inch and 13inch Ultrabooks and hence is looking to cash in further by developing a 15inch product. The low $699 price tag is bound to attract more customers than ever before, thus serving the purpose that it is apparently being built for.

There’s actually no solid evidence of this development work, so keep some salty handy just in case it turns out to a techie daydream. The same sources who have leaked this vital piece of information have also supplied us with the name of the company that is going to manufacturer these laptops — Pegatron.

Pegatron is the company behind Asus and is currently also in charge of manufacturing Lenovo’s brand new quad-core tablet device and many other things.

Pegatron’s 2012 shipments for Ultrabooks are expected to reach close to 19 million units (18.99 to be precise). If that really happens, that is going to be a 22% percent increase year on year for the ODM (Original Device Manufacturer).

There’s no word on whether Acer’s current Ultrabook models will also be sent to Pegatron for manufacturing and it seems highly unlikely that they will. Acer currently gets it Ultrabooks manufactured by Winstron — a company that has started becoming a powerful rival for Pegatron.

Looking at the worldwide sales figures from Acer, it seems that the company is expected to sell about 250,000 to 300,000 11inch and 13inch Ultraboook model.

Neither Pegatron nor Acer has agreed to own up to the report, which itself is a strong indicator of the authenticity of the report. It makes sense that neither would comment on the report because Acer seems to have multiple ODMs (Winstron and Pegatron). With the order going somewhere else, Acer’s relationship with Winstron might dwindle. Or may be Acer as not really finalized anything but just was in the talks for the hardware with Pegatron when the leak happened. Either way, something is definitely afoot at Acer’s R&D labs.

Over all, Acer is going to become the latest in the long line of sub $1000 ultrabooks that are scheduled to come out next year once the Windows 8 is released commercially. What would hopefully happen is that Acer would stand out from amongst all other with a price tag lower than most. That is the only way they are going get noticed else it will be a very crowded market for them to make dent.

Meanwhile, both Toshiba and Lenovo are also hard at work on Ultrabooks. They, along with others, will launch these models late 2012. That is right after the commercial release of windows 8.