Asus Eee PC 1018P, 1016P & 1015P Models Leak, To Debut At CeBit 2010

Just before CeBit 2010 hit the tech crowd, Asus’ latest crop of Eee PC models have leaked all over the internet. These are three new models that Asus is expected to debut at the CeBit show. The leak has been courtesy of Blogee, who is the source who claims the existence of these models. The leaks is a pretty good one actually — complete with pictures of the alleged models. I only say alleged because it is not official yet and there hasn’t been another such story but this rings pretty true. So start planning if you are in the market for a netbook.


The three models are — 1018P, 1016P and 1015P. These are all Pinetrail toting models, if there ever was a doubt about that. The 1015P is apparently a refresh of the 1005P model, with the newer additions being a larger touchpad and an aluminum shell. The matte seems to remain intact. The photo shows as much.

There aren’t any photos of the 1016P but it is supposed to have a business focus. Let’s hope that does not mean a premium finish and Windows XP. That is so totally not a great thing to do. It will apparently have chiclet keys, aluminum chassis and a squared off design. No ThinkPad obviously but just might do. The 1018P is apparently only 18mm thin and is supposed to be the thinnest netbook that Asus has ever made. It is also tipped to have a USB 3.0 port and a finger print scanner. My verdict — it will charge you a lot for things you will have no use for.

The 1015P and the 1016P are both expected to have a battery life of 14 hours, without the wireless on that is. The 1018P is supposed to last 10 hours, which again is pretty decent if you ask me.