Asus Launches Eee PC 1000HT Value Netbook In Japan

Asus Eee PC 1000HTA new budget netbook from the house of Asus has shown up in Japan. The funny part is that the entire netbook segment is considered as budget. But this new model of the Eee PC range, called the 1000HT, has been released as a cheaper alternative to the existing Eee PC’s and netbooks.

The 1000HT is in no way a performance netbook and it is actually meant to be the opposite. The main point of the netbook is to offer usable specs and features at a price that undercuts the average netbook by a large margin. But thanks to the performance trade off, the 1000HT has a rather nice battery life, which is rated at about 6.4 hours at a maximum. Considering that this is a small device and the battery sits flush with the chassis, this is a long battery life. The other netbooks in this class usually have a battery life of about 4-5 hours. So an extra hour and more added to that is something noteworthy.

This is a 10inch device that weighs 3.2 pounds, so it is not the lightest in its class. It does not have Bluetooth but it does have WiFi and Ethernet. The screen resolution is 1024×600, which is typical for this form factor. Since the device is aimed at casual users who are just going to surf the net, listen to music, chat and shoot off emails, this resolution makes no difference really. It’s neither good nor bad.

There is also an SDHC card slot that you can use to augment the bundled 160GB memory. This netbook comes with Windows XP and I frankly don’t think that Asus had any other option here. Sure Windows 7 is supposed to run well on netbooks but it will probably be too much for the puny 1.6GHz Atom N270 CPU that the 1000HT has. Memory is standard at 1GB and the price is roughly $420. Given the different environment there, it is comparable to a $300 netbook in the US.