Guess the name of upcoming Kindle Color and get a free gift

There is a contest over at to guess the name of supposedly upcoming Kindle Color eReader. Just submit a comment with your best guess of what the name is going to be and you can win Kindle cover (with or without light) just for submitting your guess. And in case you would be the first one to get it right – you will get the Kindle Color device itself once it goes on sale.

Barnes & Noble Shows Color eReader

Today Barnes & Noble has demonstrated new generation Nook eReader – NOOKColor. But is it really eReader or does it encroach into netbook/tablet territory. According to this NOOKColor Review, it’s is as much an eReader as iPad is.

It is smaller, more portable and lighter than iPad. This much is true. However it features full-size backlit LCD screen that is hard to read in direct sunlight and drains the battery fast. Claims that are currently floating around the blogosphere state around 8 hours of reading time with WiFi off. This is way too low by eReader standards but decent for netbook/tablet.

Samsung Releases Compact And Portable DVD Burner For Netbooks

If there’s one problem that some of us face with a netbook is that it does not have an optical drive. Sure we are using USB thumb drives for almost everything nowadays but there still are times where reading a CD or a DVD is necessary. Also, sometimes you need to burn one too. There are multiple external burners out there for this reason but for netbook owners, Samsung has brought out exactly what they need — a compact drive that is extremely portable.

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Toshiba To Introduce Dual Screen Netbook In Japan

Toshiba [TYO:6502] is going to start shipping a new portable in Japan next week and it is called the Libretto W100. It is one of those unusual designs that can only start in a place like Japan. It is a dual screen design where one of the screens is a touchscreen, allowing for it to act as a keypad whenever necessary and a second screen whenever needed.

You might remember a similar design that was seen at CEATEC earlier this year. But that one was one single flexible screen being folded in two. This has two separate 7 inch displays. So it is only bordering on a netbook and will need a new category name if this goes mainstream. And even though it is smaller and probably has less power under the hood, it is priced at something equivalent to $1100 — above and beyond what netbook does and should cost. Adjusting the economic differences, it would come down to just below $1000 if sold in the US.

The availability in Japan is scheduled for the 11th of August apparently but there’s no news of it being available anywhere else. Seeing it from Toshiba’s point of view, there is no reason for them to want to release it elsewhere. Japan is the perfect testbed for a device such as this. The company of course does not expect to generate a lot of sales for this.

Instead, Toshiba is actually doing this as a way to test out a concept and see what the demand is for a design that is only going to  appeal to certain niche markets. However, as touchscreens become more common and mass produced — we will see more of such devices. Touchscreens are becoming popular to the point where companies are starting to use them just to use them. So there is no getting away from them at the moment.


Intel To Release Android 2.2 [FroYo] For x86 This Summer

There was a lot of excitement around FroYo (Android 2.2) when it was released and Android owners everywhere celebrated the fact that they will soon have a phone full of those cool features that they saw at the presentation at Google I/O. However, in all that excitement it is easy to forget that phone and tablet owners with various ARM inspired goodies powering them are not the only ones who use Android devices. There are also those devices that use chips with the x86 architecture and finally their owners have a reason to rejoice at the wonders of FroYo. Intel [NASDAQ:INTC] has finally started to port Android 2.2 for their x86 platform. FroYo netbooks, here we come!

Intel’s port x86 port of FroYo is destined for a summer release at the moment and it has the whole community buzzing with excitement. As you might know by now, Intel really wants to shoe horn itself into ARM’s position in the mobile industry but so far has failed to do it. So it grabs at every opportunity to bring the new-age mobile experience to its platform. Hence, they are hoping to have FroYo ready for some x86 action this summer so that their platform can also be benefitted from the rich radiation of the “less than free” mobile platform.

This port has been reported to be not all that difficult to accomplish and soon they will have it ready for manufacturers to use. There are already a lot of experimentation going on with the Android on Netbooks and it is more than as just another Linux-based mobile OS. Android’s burgeoning Marketplace and backing of the one of the largest tech entities in the world right now (the only other being Apple at the moment), it makes for one helluva deal. Not to mention the fact that this fantastic OS is available for free to anyone who is willing to work with it. So we are very likely to see some interesting new FroYo netbook ideas this summer.


1.8″ 128GB SSD Now At Your Disposal

sabertooth-zxAs storage moves further away from portable devices and things move more towards speed, SSD’s are fast becoming the future of storage on consumer devices like netbooks. However, previously it has been tough to include larger capacity SSD’s into small devices like the netbooks mainly because it was impossible to find a large drive that would fit into the cramped space of a netbook. That has changed not, thanks to Active Media.

They have released a netbook that is only 1.8″ in size and still manages to pack in 128GB worth of storage space. It is called the Sabertooh ZX and has a PATA/IDE interface. That has got to be one of the densest consumer grade storage devices we have seen till date. But the main deterrent to large scale SSD deployment acts here as well. This 1.8″ 128GB SSD from Active Media will set you back by $380. So unless you are a professional who can justify this as a business cost, you probably do not want to buy something that costs almost as much as the netbook itself.

But there are other options for lesser mortals like us — there’s a 64GB version for under $200 and a 32GB version for $120. You really only need a tiny bit of space for the OS, apps and some files. The rest can simply be pulled from the cloud. Have no doubts about it — the SSD is many times faster than your HDD and will create a noticeable difference in boot and app loading times. Overall performance will better as well, thanks to the really high read and write speeds.

This 128GB SSD from Active Media however is not the speediest we have seen at 38MBps write and 80MBps read. But it’s selling point is that it can get that much SSD storage into your netbook and that is where it really seals the deal.

Apple Releases The iPad Tablet Device

Apple iPadApple finally released their highly anticipated tablet device on the 27th of January and it is called the iPad. There are two main models — WiFi only and WiFi+3G — and three sub-models based on storage — 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Storage is flash and the processor is made by Apple. It is called the Apple A4 chip and clocks at 1GHz. It is not shipping right now and the first models will ship in 60 days from the release day and a higher model will ship in 90 days. The battery life was advertised as being 10 hours and on ‘one month’ on stand by.

It has Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, Accelerometer, Compass and AGPS (only on the higher models). The UI basic iPhone OS and has all the features that you get on the iPhone on a large screen. The screen is a 9.7″ IPS LCD display with full capacitive multitouch support. The IPS display ensures that you have great viewing angles when handling this device. The price for the base model is $499 and the highest model is $829. Apple has struck a deal with AT&T whereby people can sign up for 250MB usage for $14.99 monthly or unlimited data usage for $30 monthly. No one is quite sure whether this ‘unlimited’ is actually a fixed amount like 5GB or 10GB.

But if it is truly unlimited, then there’s not doubt that AT&T will be put under a lot of pressure to deliver. Apple is positioning this device between an iPhone and a MacBook. It has a dedicated eBook reader app called iBook and there is a dedicated eBook store coming up soon called the iBookStore. Apple also introduced a new version of its iWorks suite that has been redesigned to work on a touchscreen surface.

Due to its positioning and size, the iPad is thought to be direct competition for both netbooks and e-readers. Especially with the keyboard dock that Apple showed off during the event. Only time will tell how the market reacts but a lot of consumers are already saying that they are not entirely sure that this will replace their netbooks.

Apple iPad reviewed by

Although in time we’ll post a proper hands-on review of the new apple tablet device here, right now there is an Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle comparison over at that you can read.

International Kindle Ships on the 19th

Amazon has finally made their iconic eBook reader available to the rest of the world. Read more about international Kindle on

Refurbished Kindle DX falls into entry level netbook price category

Refurbished Kindle DX

Refurbished Kindle DX

One of the netbook usage scenarios is eBook reading. Although netbooks are not as good reading devices as dedicated gadgets such as Amazon Kindle and Sony PRS-505 they make up in versatility and price. However, according to, Amazon just started selling refurbished Kindle DX at $90.00 discount  for $99.00. What does it have to do with netbooks, you can ask? Well although Kindle DX is geared towards reading books, it’s more similar to netbooks than you may think – it features 9.7″ screen which is close enough to “netbook size”, and it comes with unlimited lifetime wireless Internet that can be also used for browsing the web (the most common netbook usage scenario). It also runs 3 days on one charge with wireless on and for weeks if you turn it off.

Now I wouldn’t recommend it as netbook-replacement, but if you are big on reading books and would like to have secondary Internet capability, Kindle DX might be right for you.