Dell Introduces An Alienware Netbook

Dell Alienware M11x [Credit: Gizmodo]This just had to happen sooner or later. But looks Alienware’s entrance into the netbook playing field is slightly on the ‘later’ side of things. So Dell has introduced a new ‘Ultraportable’ called the M11x. This device, from the very looks right down the name, has Alienware written all over it. The design, the backlight, the grills, it’s just all too familiar. So what’s to special about the first ever Alienware netbook (so to say)?

Well, this 11.6″ device is packed with a Core 2 Duo chip that is complimented by a 1GB NVIDIA 335M graphics card. Yes, it is very powerful. Dell claims it is the most powerful notebook below the 15″ mark. That title is held by Alienware itself by the way, with their Nehalem mobile laptop with crossfire graphics.

The screen displays 1366×768 pixels and is covered with plastic instead of the usual glass. The body is also plastic but features the signature Alienware design, as mentioned before. So yes, this device that is basically a netbook has a 720p screen and can play games that other netbooks wouldn’t even think of in their wildest dreams.

During a demonstration at CES, the M11x played Call of Duty (a favorite for in-game performance benchmarks) at 30 FPS, which is extremely decent performance. You will not be able to play CoD if you turn on anti-aliasing on the M11x but that matters little for a little old 11.6″ ultraportable.

It also has 3 USB ports, 1 mini-firewire port and one VGA out port. They are certainly out to woo the legacy gaming crowd. Who uses a mini firewire these days anyway? It also has a SIM slot, to aid in your mobility.

The price is supposed to be below $1000 with all specs maxed out. But why would you want to buy an 11.6″ portable for $1000? That just does not make economic sense. But when has that ever stopped people from spending. It will hit sometime in February it seems.

HP 210 Netbook Is Here, Of Sorts

hp-210-sighting-rm-engThe HP 210 Netbook is officially available. It is available on retail and it is also available in troubleshooting entries. But there’s one major thing missing — the thing was never announce officially. No glitzy photosets, no long winded PR, none of that. May be HP is cutting costs while the global economy stabilizes out. You never know what they are up to but at least the device is here for us to buy.

The HP 210 is a netbook device that turned up just a week or so back on troubleshooting pages where support pages fully list it’s specs. In the meantime, it was available for sale on the e-tailer eCost. On eCost, it was said to be in stock and going for $399 for the matte black option. I like that, the matte black option.

Other than that little morsel, you also get to know that the thing is another netbook that belongs to the first wave of Pine Trail netbooks. Pine Trail is the next version of Intel’s Atom chip.

The 210 is powered by an Intel Atom N450 (a Pine Trail indeed) and has integrated graphics. That means no HD video or any such thing. It will still be pretty sluggish at only 1GB RAM and storage is the usual (read boring) affair with 250GB coming in as standard. Battery is 6-cell but no estimates have been found. Is this beginning to get a norm with HP? Let’s hope not. I say this because a similar thing happened with the Mini 311. May be the marketing dept. is really small and forgetful at HP. Get your act together HP, everybody’s watching.

Samsung N220 Pine Trail Netbook

n220-1There has been a leak of sorts of a new Samsung Pine Trail netbook thanks to a French retailer listing it, probably ahead of then given schedule. This is the Samsung N220, the first Samsung  Pine Trail device to be spotted so clearly and with so much detail too. It just might become the first Pine Trail netbook from Samsung to go on sale, followed by the inevitable many that are going to be made.

Since it was listed for sale, the leak carries a hefty amount of detail. It basically leaves nothing out and is as good as an official announcement could’ve been minus the PR talk. The CPU is an Intel Atom N450 running at 1.6GHz. The display is a non-glossy 10.1” screen displaying 1024×600 pixels. You get the standard 1GB RAM, which still ticks me off big time. Storage is okay at 250GB. It will be running Windows 7 Starter edition, which is again okay. Thankfully, it does not skimp on connectivity and has WiFi (b/g/n), Bluetooh 2.1 and the mandatory ethernet. It also has an SDHC card slot along with 3 USB slots, VGA out and audio in and outs. It’s powered by a 6-cell 5900mAh battery that is rated at 11.5 hours, so I would expect around 10 hours under normal conditions. The Euro price is 349, which much over $500 in USD but that will come down when it starts selling in the US. Economy differences make sure of that.

So like I said, we know basically everything there is to know and still nothing official from Samsung. The main thing to note here is the extra long battery life. I think it is as much the 6-cell battery as the improvements of Pine Trail.

Malata Has A Budget Convertible Netbook-Tablet

malata_r108t_tablet_netbook_1-540x343Malata is a company based in China and is known for making cheaper versions of popular devices like Eee PCs and Vaio P. But this time they have really gained our attention by introducing cheap tablet netbook convertibles that run Windows 7.

Netbook convertibles are like convertible notebooks, only smaller. They have a touch sensitive display that can be swiveled and turned around to attain a tablet like state where the back of the screen lies flat against the keyboard after being folded.

Typically, notebooks like these cost upwards of $1500 and the good ones have been known to cost twice as much. Asus was arguably the first mainstream company to dare to bring out the same functionality in a netbook format and bring down the price to around $500. The T91 was a typical netbook that was coupled with a touchscreen display. That was towards the middle of this year.

Recently, Asus brought out the upgraded version of the T91 – called the T91MT. It now has multitouch enabled. And this is the model that the Malata R108T fully undercuts.

The R108T features a 10” touchscreen display that has a native resolution of 1024×600. It runs on an Intel Atom 1.8GHz (N270) processor, has 1GB of RAM and 160GB of storage space. But at about the equivalent of $435, you are still getting a lot for the price. The original 8.9” T91 is now about $473 on places like Amazon.

Connectivity is pretty standard on the R108T. You get 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 VGA port, standard audio ports and a card reader. On top of everything else, you get the netbook in four colors – red, black, coffee and champagne.

Lenovo’s Rumored ThinkPad Netbook Gets Specifications

x100e-1After being leaked earlier this month, Lenovo’s ThinkPad series netbook is getting more and more real as time passes by. A fresh new leak has finally released the specifications of this alleged ThinkPad branded device and so far, it looks pretty good.

The device has been identified as the X100e and it is rumored to be slated for the 5th of January next year, which is approaching soon. If the latest rumors are to be believed, we are actually looking at a non-Atom, 11inch netbook device made by Lenovo.

The x100e apparently uses an AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 CPU and supports up to 4GB of RAM. The display is 11.6” and has a native resolution of 1366×768. There are exactly 3 USB ports, one VGA out port and a 4-in-1 card reader.

For storage, you get options between 160GB/250GB/320GB 5400rpm HDDs. It has WiFi (b/g/n) with Bluetooth and 3G as optional. The touchpad will have multiouch support and we had already seen the trackpoint in the previous pictures. There will be a webcam but it will be pretty bad at only 0.3MP. You can choose from either a 3-cell or a 6-cell battery.

As for the OS, you will get a choice between Windows 7 Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate. So it pretty much covers all your needs. The last thing to know about it is the price and since this is a ThinkPad series device, the starting price is on the higher side at $449.

While a business netbook might be an oxymoron, Lenovo is surely looking to capitalize on the demand for a capable netbook device that is designed like a business notebook but has the advantages of a netbook. Besides, Lenovo is not the first company to do this. It was only last month when Asus announced its own business netbooks. But those were just normal Eee PC models running the Windows XP Professional OS.

Acer Timeline 11.6” Ultraportable Tablet Convertible

acer_aspire_1820Rumors have been flying around a lot lately that Acer’s Timeline series of CULV toting ultraportables are going to have a convertible tablet amongst their ranks very soon. So far, we have had images of such a device from various sources but so far they have all seemed like a normal Timeline device.

However, there were the images of a device with a swiveling screen that suggested the existence of such a device but no live images were available of the device.

This status quo has now changed, thanks to an active Italian blog. They have managed to go hands on with the device and put it through the paces. It is understandable that such an opportunity had to have been brief but they still managed to glean quite a bit of information out of the device.

The device itself is quite powerful and slim, when compared to the Atom-powered netbooks. The Acer Timline 1820PT is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 CULV processor, humming away at 1.20GHz with 3MB cache. There’s 4GB of 1066MHz DDR3 RAM and Intel GMA X4500M HD graphics. Price is of course not available but from the looks of it, you can easily expect it to be at least around $550 and most probably around $600.

But that is mainly because it has a multitouch 11.6” screen and a 1366×768 resolution. The (comparatively) powerful components also warrant for some of the extra cost.

However, this is not the first time that someone has tried to make a tablet out of a netbook device. The Asus Eee PC T91 was the first such device but it wasn’t multitouch. It was only last week when  Asus announced a new and upgraded version of the T91 called the T91MT. Whether this trend catches on is yet to be seen.

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