MSI Releases Wind U135 Model To Celebrate Sales

U135_all-300x198MSI must be pretty chuffed with themselves for making the Wind line of netbooks. They are mostly known as a component manufacturer before they came out with the Wind to ride on the big netbook wave of the last two years. The Wind has been pretty successful and has sold millions. This has caused MSI to commemorate the success by releasing a new Wind model. It is called the Wind 135 and it has some real muscle for a change.

Okay, so when I say muscle, do remember that I mean it in a netbook way. That means that it has something extra as opposed to just a new look. The U135 is powered by a chip from Intel’s new Pine Trail series Atom processors. There is a choice between 160GB and 250GB HDDs when it comes to storage, which is pretty nice to have on a netbook. Also, the keys are supposed to be 20% bigger and that can really make a difference in how good it feels when you are using it on a regular basis. Netbook keyboards have always had small keys to conform to the form factor, so we will take anything that is bigger than the average. So this is actually a worthwhile feature to talk about.

The power consumption has also come down. It now consumes only 7 watts of power. With the optional 6-cell battery, you can really make your netbook last well beyond your entire working day.

Other than these features, everything else is pretty much what you expect them to be. There is 1GB of DDR2 memory, the screen is 10″ and you get Windows 7 Starter Edition. There’s a 1.3MP webcam, 3 USB 2.0 ports and 4in1 card reader slot. That last one is actually another really useful feature. You can get it for around $310-$330 on Amazon.

Dell Introduces An Alienware Netbook

Dell Alienware M11x [Credit: Gizmodo]This just had to happen sooner or later. But looks Alienware’s entrance into the netbook playing field is slightly on the ‘later’ side of things. So Dell has introduced a new ‘Ultraportable’ called the M11x. This device, from the very looks right down the name, has Alienware written all over it. The design, the backlight, the grills, it’s just all too familiar. So what’s to special about the first ever Alienware netbook (so to say)?

Well, this 11.6″ device is packed with a Core 2 Duo chip that is complimented by a 1GB NVIDIA 335M graphics card. Yes, it is very powerful. Dell claims it is the most powerful notebook below the 15″ mark. That title is held by Alienware itself by the way, with their Nehalem mobile laptop with crossfire graphics.

The screen displays 1366×768 pixels and is covered with plastic instead of the usual glass. The body is also plastic but features the signature Alienware design, as mentioned before. So yes, this device that is basically a netbook has a 720p screen and can play games that other netbooks wouldn’t even think of in their wildest dreams.

During a demonstration at CES, the M11x played Call of Duty (a favorite for in-game performance benchmarks) at 30 FPS, which is extremely decent performance. You will not be able to play CoD if you turn on anti-aliasing on the M11x but that matters little for a little old 11.6″ ultraportable.

It also has 3 USB ports, 1 mini-firewire port and one VGA out port. They are certainly out to woo the legacy gaming crowd. Who uses a mini firewire these days anyway? It also has a SIM slot, to aid in your mobility.

The price is supposed to be below $1000 with all specs maxed out. But why would you want to buy an 11.6″ portable for $1000? That just does not make economic sense. But when has that ever stopped people from spending. It will hit sometime in February it seems.

Netbook Black Friday Deals

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If you managed to take advantage of one or just see a deal that might be interesting to other readers be sure to post it here!

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