iPad Tops Third Quarter Sales Worldwide With Nook And Kindle Tablets Close Behind

Apple iPad 2

The iPad dominated Global Tablet Sales in Q32011  — IDC

According to figures released by research firm IDC, the iPad tablet from Apple has topped worldwide sales for the third quarter of 2011. The report puts the iPad at 61% of total tablets shipped during this quarter, which amounts to around 11.1 million tablets. This is almost 2 million higher than the 9.3 million sales figure from the previous quarter. Despite this rise, the iPad’s market share is actually falling with the advent of competing brands. It held 68% of the global tablet market in the second quarter.

Something similar happened to Android tablets, which saw a tremendous growth spurt in sales but a slight slump in market share. Android tablets grew from selling around 3.6million units in the second quarter to pushing out around 6 million units in the third quarter. Even though the sales almost doubled in numbers, the market share had a negative growth from 33.2% to 32.4%. However, it is still better than the 7 percentage-point fall of Apple.

With the launch of two new cheap and affordable Android tablets from Barnes & Noble (the Nook Tablet) and Amazon (the Kindle Fire), Android’s market share is slated to rise up to cross 40%. Both of these tablets are in high demand and their holiday sales will boost sales figures for Android tablets quite a bit.

However, both of these tablets do not benefit Google in any way despite selling very well at the moment. Google doesn’t charge for the OS and earns money from the app store and mobile ads instead. Both of these avenues are closed on either devices because both use customized versions that do not allow access to the normal app store and do not have Google apps like Gmail and YouTube.

IDC is expecting explosive tablet sales for the running quarter with over 23.6 million tablets expected to be sold. If this comes to pass, it will account for over 25% of 2011’s predicted tablet sales of 95 million. It would in fact surpass the tablet sales for the whole of 2010, which were about 18 million with all manufacturers combined. Most of that number was Apple though.

Tablets have seen aggressive sales patterns and have forced IDC to revise their quarterly predictions for the second quarter running. Previously they had raised the number from 53.5m to 62.5m — a 17% increase. Now they have increased the number again to 63.3 million — a 1% raise.

Apple is expected to almost 14 million tablets, which shows a almost a 100% growth year on year from 2010’s sales of 7.3 million tablets. IDC expects 9.5m Android tablets to sale and they have not mentioned the break up between various makers and brands. The Android market is yet to have a star performer for that matter. The third quarter saw all makers doing average with no one doing particularly well. Samsung accounted for 5.6% with just over 1m tablets and topped the list. It was followed by HP’s Touchpad that was practically on fire sale and hence saw a large number of sales. It secured 5% of the market share and sold about 903K units.

PlayStation Vita US/Canada Launch Schedule Detailed

PlayStation Vita Titles

PlayStation Vita Titles

A post was recently published on the official PlayStation blog outlining the upcoming PlayStation Vita launch in the US and Canada region. Penned by Sony’s Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller, it puts February 22 as the launch date for both countries. And he goes to give out some more juicy details that are sure to attract the attention of the entire gaming community.

According to the post, the PS Vita launch will see the largest collection of games at launch in the history of the PlayStation platform. He also calls it the grandest ever. The SCE Worldwide studio and Sony’s major publishing partners have apparently all been working hard to create a great amount of the content for the new platform. The end result is that PS Vita will have a massive 25 game line up on the launch day itself. For an entirely new platform, that is saying something.

Added to the total number of games that are currently under development, the figures go over a hundred apparently. Sony is no stranger to popularizing a new platform and it is clear that they understand the basic principle of this game — content is king. The PS Vita might be the best portable gaming device ever developed. But without hit titles, it will still be just another gaming device. And it shows that Sony and its partners are equally toiling away at it.

The pricing seem quite reasonable. The range will be between a minimum of $9.99 and $49.99 (MSRP). That MSRP is for purchase at retail outlets all over and also for buying from the PlayStation Network (PSN). However, since this is the MSRP, you can still look forward to getting some in store discounts at retail outlets.

The list games looks quite good. There are a total of 8 in house titles developed by SCEA that will be available on the launch day itself. More are under development, as Koller has already mentioned. The rest of the 17 titles are from gaming industry biggies like Square Enix, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Sega and Capcom. 10 more titles are going to become available around the time of launch. Out of these, 4 are in house titles from SCEA and 6 are from the likes of Namco Bandai, Warner Bros Interactive and Konami Digital.

Sports game fans will be happy to know that EA is releasing the 2011 FIFA Soccer on the launch day and F1 2011 will also be there from Codemasters. There’s also Asphalt Injection from Ubisoft. Casual gamers would be delighted by Plants Vs Zombies — available exclusively on PSN. No physical retail purchase will be possible for this popular time killer. Other popular titles that will become available soon after launch include Silent Hill Book of Memories from Konami Digital, LEGO Harry Potter 3: Years 5-7 from Warner Bros Interactive and MLB 12 The Show from SCEA.

Sony has already stated before that the PS Vita is something that users will only understand when they experience it. Hence, Sony will start touring from next month onwards to bring people in contact with the device prior to the launch. This is a first for Sony and it shows how invested they are in the device.

iPhone 4S UK Holiday Sales Trump All Other Smartphones In The Market

The iPhone 4S is the top favorite smartphone stocking stuffer this holidays in the UK

The iPhone 4S is the top favorite smartphone stocking stuffer this holidays in the UK

In a recent study, it was found that the iPhone 4S accounted for nearly 1/4th of all smartphones sold in the UK so far during the holiday season. The iPhone has stayed in the top position over all throughout, forcing other smartphone vendors to fight it out for the rest of the UK market.

These statistics were found from the study that was conducted by GFK research firms and was reported initially by the Financial Times on Monday. According to study, the iPhone 4S’ market dominance continued up to the end of the study period on 9th of December.

The first week of December was especially good for the iPhone as its five versions, including the two and a half years old iPhone 3GS, absolutely dominated the market while accounting for about 37% of all smartphone sales. It topped the ranks of the top 15 smartphones sold during that time.

The smartphone market in the UK has grown phenomenally in recent times. It grew to double its size between the time of February 2010 to August 2011. To highlight this fact, British government authorized telecommunications regulatory authority Ofcom released statistics that show 47% percent of the entire mobile market now being occupied by smartphones. That means almost one in every two cell-phone owner owns a smartphone.

With the market growing this rapidly, the benefits were felt by other smartphone makers as well. Samsung’s Glaxy S II proved to be quite the popular model and occupied the number two position in the top 10. Research In Motion’s three versions of the Blackberry Curve also found themselves in the top 10 at various positions during the study period. It seems that whatever trouble Blackberry has been facing in the Europe, Middle East, Asia and African regions — it has not affected their sales in the UK all that much.

However, fortune has not smiled on all smartphone makers. Nokia was very conspicuously absent from the fray. Despite spending a reported 20 million Pound on advertising, they are yet to see any significant Christmas sales. Nokia’s sales have yet to pick up after their momentous decision to switch to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Towards the end of the year they released the first two Windows Phone devices — the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. The two phones received good reviews and have been appreciated for their design and software.

Despite all of this, Nokia has not been able to make a dent in the market. Windows Phone 7 series over all has not in fact been performing all that well. The market continues to ride on the iOS and Android models with RIM getting away simply because of their prowess in the enterprise sector and their omnipresent BBM service.

In its defense, Nokia has said that it does not have an established user base like the iPhone and Android models. Hence it would have to persevere through slow sales for now.

Apple’s runaway success confirms another report published earlier that claims the iPhone has taken the top spot away from Android for the first time since late 2010. It said that the Apple phone device holds 43% market share as of November 2011.