HP Mini 5101 Netbook โ€“ The Mini Side Of Business

Sometimes as a business owner, you have to travel. It’s just a thing which pretty much comes with the territory. Taking the work along with us has become a thing of necessity as business now moves at the speed of electricity. As our computing needs have gotten more intensive, the computers we use to transact business have diminished in size making it possible to take them almost anywhere. One of the more recent formats is the netbook. These machines are pretty much the fare, and few come along to really impress the user.

The HP Mini 5101 netbook is a machine which is fairly impressive, with more things to be happy about than to complain. It comes with the Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz, which is moderately better than the Atom N270 currently in proliferation. The 1 GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM is plenty to do the job it was intended, and it has a 160GB hard drive with Windows XP SP3 operating system.

Unlike a lot of netbooks, the HP Mini 5101 netbook actually looks like it was made for business. It feels like a well built machine, without feeling too bulky. It isn’t the thinnest kid on the block, but it isn’t what I’d call dead weight. It has a 10.1 inch, wide-screen style display which offers 1,024×600 pixel resolution.

The inclusion of several networking options is a nice thing to find in a netbook. The Mini 5101 has an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi in 802.11 b/g/n, and is Bluetooth capable, which puts it in good company with the higher end machines. Even though this networking setup is standard, not all netbooks have all these options.

The keyboard is a nice size for a netbook. The touch pad looks like a normal touch pad, with the buttons comfortably below the pad. When manufacturers redesign certain aspects, sometimes it loses something. Such is the touch pad with the keys elsewhere rather than the bottom of the pad.

The HP Mini 5101 makes a very good option for business travelers. The battery life is good, at about six hours. Coming in at $429, this is easily one of the best netbooks you could have for your business needs.

HP mini 311: Bigger. Better. Cheaper.

HP’s new netbook, the 311 is the first Netbook integrated with a screen as large as 11.6inches – This is a first because generally netbooks use a standard screen size of 10inches. Another first introduced by HP in the same 311 model is the feature which is integrated with high octane Nvidia graphic interface. These graphics were first used in MAC notebooks like Apple MacBook Air.

HP’s 3.11 has a high definition 1366×768 pixel resolution. It also has VGA and HDMI connectors for video.

Nvidia’s Ion chipset is a GPU which works along with low power processors – The Intel’s Atom, generating graphics like a standard laptop in terms of performance.

By processing data-intensive applications in parallel with the CPU, ION-based Netbooks offer many of the same capabilities of full-sized notebooks including support for all versions of Microsoft Windows,” Nvidia said in a statement.

Most Analysts deem that it is imperative for a netbook to get the conventional performance of a standard notebook.

“Our research shows that most people who buy a netbook expect it to behave like a full-sized notebook,” according to a statement that Nvidia provided from Tim Bajarin, principal analyst at Creative Strategies. “With Ion-based Netbooks like this one from HP, consumers can expect a well-rounded experience and the ability to handle nearly all of their everyday computing needs,” he said.

The mini 311 commenced by Hewlett Packard is definitely a path breaking innovation and has a comparatively lower price in comparison to its competitors. Users will particularly enjoy it’s high definition graphics as well as the large interface but it shall be noted how the corporate consumers react to it – in terms of larger space and comparatively more weight.

However the price is very affordable in comparison to its competitors and the HP mini 311 surely ranks amongst the finest netbooks available now.

Price: $399

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The Netbook Market Matures

When you were in school there came a time when you had to separate yourself from the others as you got older. The computer market is no different, and right now as the Netbook market is growing with its products and in age, many companies are trying to individuate their products; making them more unique then the competition.

How can a Netbook maker separate their product from the next?

  • Improve the quality and battery life
  • Increase screen size and keyboards
  • Expensive systems increasing quality of operations
  • Slick and smart marketing techniques
HP Mini 5101 Netbook

HP Mini 5101 Netbook

Many knowledgeable computer users tend to look at the operating features, but there is a certain attraction to the features you can understand, and the style of the Netbook. Just recently the HP Mini 5101 Netbook was being reviewed, and as most can remember HP has led the way providing business models and consumer models of Netbooks.

This is HP’s newest business model and they are making it clear this is designed for businesses and the high demand users of today. It has many of the same features as any other Netbooks, Windows XP, 1GB of RAM, Intel Atom N280 processor, and is priced under $500. But what did HP do to help set this product apart from others?

  • HP’s 3D drive guard – protects the hard-drive during a fall or shock
  • Radio on/off switch and a SD card reader
  • HD display option with 3 USB slots

What this company did is put the attention on durability, which was very smart. The size is 10.30 x 7.09 x 0.91 inches and weighs 2.64 pounds. It has a strong and durable metal chassis and aluminum lid, which are all very solid. Business people on the move can appreciate this sturdy built Netbook that still provides a very usable keyboard.

Consumers can expect the Netbook market to keep changing and newer and different features to be seen all throughout the many different companies. This will keep things interesting when it comes time to purchase your new Netbook.