iPhone iTether App is Approved by Apple then Pulled

For undisclosed reasons, Apple is said to have approved an app called iTether which enables iPhone users to share their wireless connections with their computers. However, in more recent news it seems Apple has abruptly changed their mind and pulled the app. This application, made by a Canadian owned company was the first tethering app to ever slip through the cracks, so to speak. Apple has never allowed this sort of technology and this came to a surprise to many iPhone users.

When asked about the incident in which the app was approved and almost immediately discontinued, a spokesperson for Apple said the company was not aware of the exact specs of the app upon approval. Conversely, the Canadian manufacturer of iTether claimed in a recent tweet that they were very clear with Apple when the app was presented and that they answered a multitude of questions about the app.

The cost of this app $14.99, was comparable to the Verizon and AT&T version of iTether which is priced at about $20 extra per month. Although the lower price seemed like a great deal, there were some problems with the app. Among the biggest was the fact that it only worked via USB connection, thereby eliminating the possibility of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tethering. Speculation is that Apple did not believe this particular app would compete in terms of price and capability to other, superior tethering plans. For users who have become spoiled by wireless tethering, this may just be the case.

As soon as the app went live it is said that iTether’s home page was simply inundated with traffic to overwhelming proportions. The app seems to have authenticated with itether.com which meant whenever it was launched the service began to face issues. Because of this Tether.com stated that 20 extra servers were added to their site. It appears Tether.com was ill prepared for the response that would be seen by iPhone users.

Even if the future does hold an iTether app for Apple, in no way does this mean that the various carriers will not play around with the pricing. While specific carriers will not be able to hinder the app from working, they can certainly charge for extra data used. This could mean outrages monthly charges for people who use the app often enough.

Apple is bound to approve some sort of tethering app in the near future but the hope is that it will be affordable and in direct competition with the other similar apps available. No matter how much Apple seems to be adverse to this type of app, it is clear that at some point they will have to release a variation in order to keep up with the competition. No one knows just when Apple will consider another run with iTether but it is safe to assume that millions of people will be watching for the release of such an app. Apple has made no official comment in regards to when and if they may re-introduce a tethering application.

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