Amazon Black Friday Deals For Kindle Fire And Other Products Rolling Out

Click here for Black Friday Kindle Fire and Other Deals!

Amazon Kindle Black FridayAmazon is definitely heating up the competition with the early release of the Kindle Fire. Consumers can get the much awaited Kindle tablet online now at The price can’t really get much better at $199. It has given the competition a run for their money.

Black Friday deals can be found on Amazon’s Black Friday Deals page, via Facebook or Twitter, and through email updates. Find the Kindle Fire in retail stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Staples at the same price.

The Kindle Fire includes a 7” vibrant color display, and runs on the Android operating system. It uses apps from Amazon’s app store that was introduced several months ago. Popular apps and games such as Netflix, Pandora, and Angry Birds are all available on the tablet.

The Kindle Fire uses Amazon Silk, a browser designed to customize itself based on the user’s preferences. It is similar to the “recommendations” that Amazon gives on its website while browsing. The Fire also offers a newsstand with popular magazines and video capabilities.

The Kindle Fire has already made a slight dent in the iPad sales, but it is in more direct competition with the NookColor. It undercuts both of them in price, especially the iPad. So far the reviews have been positive overall with a few suggestions for future updates.

There is a Kindle for everyone regardless of age or preferences. The Kindle Fire will appeal to non readers since it has other purposes besides reading. The best predictions for deals on Black Friday are sales on games and accessories. Amazon has offered a lightning deal on previous generation Kindles before, so that is a possibility as well.


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