HP Mini 110-3530NR Review

HP Mini 110-3730NR Netbook (Black)

HP Mini 110-3730NR Netbook (Black)

Weighing approximately 2.8 pounds, the HP Mini 110-3530NR is a lightweight, stylish, and effective netbook. The 10.1” diagonal WSVGA HP LED display offers a resolution of 1024 x 600, and is equipped with an antiglare filter that allows you to enjoy optimal media playback in any lighting condition. With a 250 GB hard drive that rivals the size of hard drives included with some conventional laptops, this netbook is capable of storing all of your important files with ease. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the HP Mini 110-3530NR is the preinstalled HP software suite, which includes four useful programs – HP Cloud Drive, Quick Sync, Media Suite, and Quick Web.


  • HP Cloud Drive – free online file storage gives you the ability to instantly access all of your files from any computer that is connected to the Internet.
  • HP Quicksync – allows you to continually keep your files, bookmarks, and e-mails up to date across multiple computers. In other words, any changes made to your HP Mini could also instantly be made to another computer that is connected with HP Quicksync.
  • HP Media Suite – lets you share, organize, and capture video clips and photographs in an aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and centralized software interface.
  • HP Quick Web – takes your Internet browsing experience to the next level by giving you an easy way to access all of your favorite websites, e-mail addresses, and instant messaging clients.
  • Battery Life –The powerful lithium-ion battery has a runtime of up to 8.75 hours, and multiple power settings, making this HP Mini ultra portable.
  • Ideal Netbook Graphics – with an Intel graphics media accelerator 3150 and up to 256 MB of available graphics memory, this netbook is capable of displaying vivid colors and bringing all of your favorite games and movies to life.


  • 1 GB RAM maximum – the HP Mini comes with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, and this is the maximum amount that is supported, so it is impossible to upgrade system memory to improve performance.
  • No CD-ROM – surprisingly, the HP Mini 110-3530NR does not have a CD-ROM, and is therefore not useful for burning or playing media. Of course, an external CD-ROM drive is relatively affordable and can be connected to one of the USB 2.0 ports.
  • Basic Operating System – the HP Mini includes Windows 7 Starter by default, which is an entry-level operating system. While it is possible to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium, some users have noted that the performance is significantly affected when using a larger operating system.


At an average selling price of about $275, the HP Mini 110-3530NR is a decent value for a 10 inch netbook. However, it is important to remember that it is impossible to upgrade its memory capabilities past 1 GB of RAM, so it is not a good expansion netbook. If you’re looking for a very powerful netbook, you may need to look in another price range to find one with more memory.

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