Asus Eee PC 1215T AMD Neo Powered Netbook Released For Sale

Asus brings out so many netbooks on any given quarter that it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of it all. However, now that they have released some thing quite distinctive from the rest of the lot, it will be easier to spot. Asus has put up the Eee PC 1215T up for sale. It breaks the norm of using Intel Atom as the processor and joins the few notebooks on the market to use the AMD Neo processor.

Intel has quite a few restrictions in place for devices using the Atom processor, which is why most manufacturers can’t get creative with the configuration and almost every notebook ends up being within inches of each other when it comes to core specs. However, when you break away from that, you get to stuff a lot more power in to your system and that is what has happened here with 1215T.

It is actually an upgrade of the Eee PC 1215N. The 1215T version comes with an AMD Neo 1.7GHz AMD Athlon K125 processor and is a 12.1 inch device — which means it has almost reached the notebook category and just left the netbook category. So it is currently stranded in the middle. It comes with 2GB memory, 320GB of storage and Windows 7 Home Premium and is priced at $436 — less the $485 that that the 1215N costs.

All of it sounds good so far and you might be wondering why more manufacturers don’t do this — well, it is because all this power needs to come from somewhere and that somewhere is coming out from the battery life. AMD Neo devices tend to have very short battery lives. Reviewers are not back yet with real world tests, so we can’t pass a verdict on it right now but let’s just say that the track record does not give us any reason to feel any bit of excitement.

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