Samsung Rolls Out 3G/4G Combined Netbook At IFA

IFA as usual has a lot of interesting things to see and Samsung has brought out something at the trade show that interests us a lot. They have introduced the N350 netbook that has the capability to connect to both 3G+ HSPA networks and 4G LTE networks.  Hence, theoretically it can achieve speeds of up to 100Mbps on the latest of networks but then it can also connect to fast 3G services and peak at 21 mbps.

The netbook itself is quite modern and classy in design. It features the chiclet style keyboard that is commonly seen in Apple and other high-end netbooks. It is now filtering down to the lower-end of the market. It has a barrel style hinge that looks better than the normal hinge designs that we usually get to see.

However, it is the same old thing when it comes to the configuration. It is sporting a 1.66GHz Atom as the processor. The memory is better thanks to the DDR3 support that the latest Atom has but it is still stuck at 1GB thanks to the Atom specifications that the manufacturers have to follow. AS for the connectivity outside the mobile broadband networks, there’s WiFi in the N350. There’s also a 1.3MP web cam, so you can utilize your ultra fast bandiwidth for some smooth video chatting.

The N350 is on show at the IFA but it has no release date as of yet. Samsung has been specifically silent on that count but that is also because there aren’t that many 4G LTE networks in the world right now. That makes the netbook not all that practical to buy right now. As for the price, that is also unknown at this point but it is expected to be more than the normal thanks to the dual access mobile chips.


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