Asus Eee PC 1201PN Gets Bested By 1215N

The rate at which the netbook market is moving, buying one is becoming more like trying to hit a moving target. The Asus Eee PC 1201PN was looking pretty sweet when it was announced. Powerful new Atom Processor, NVIDIA Ion, etc. But now we have word that Asus is bringing out a better model called the 1215N that will have the yet to be released Atom N500 dual-core processor and NVIDIA Optimus intelligent graphics switching technology along with the ION.

If that is tempting you to wait the thing out, you are surely not the only one. But there is a problem here. It seems like the 1201PN and the 1215N are due to be out at the same time this year. The 1201PN is supposed to be out in May/June and the 1215N is supposed to be out around June. If that is the case, I cannot see how Asus intends to differentiate between the two offerings.

Thsi kind of confused product release is not going to go down well with the market. Of the many things that they teach you at marketing boot camp, I am sure “do not confuse your customers” is amongst the top 10 tenets. Still, it seems like nothing can detract Asus from their throw it all on the wall and see what sticks approach.

In the meantime, Asus is also going to coming out with their own tablet computer in competition with Apple’s iPad. That is going to dilute the company’s marketing efforts further mote. However they intend to handle it, I do not know but I do think it is time for the company to cut down on their ever mutating line up netbooks and offer a few models that are solid contenders. People like clearly defined lines.

Release of both models will vary by country. The announced time frame likely applies to Asus’ main markets like parts of Asia and Europe and also perhaps US.

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