HP Tablet Gets Video Demo

HP Tablet Video DemoHP managed to slip in a video demo of their upcoming tablet right before the Apple iPad announcement. This tablet is much closer to a touchscreen netbook without a physical keyboard than the iPad and it might shape up to be a real competitor for the iPad at the basic hardware level. They do not have the content integration like Apple does but they do have the powerful Windows 7 in its full glory. So that means it is more open than what you will get on the iPad. But since both devices are currently far away from their shipping dates, there is no way to tell how either of them will perform — independently and against each other.

So let’s look at what the proper video demo turns up for the HP Tablet. The video demo features HP spokesperson Greta Schlendar and CTO of HP Personal Systems, Phil McKinney. Apparently the tablet was already in the work 2 years back but then it wasn’t worked on all that much because the market wasn’t deemed ready for it.

Phill mainly talks about how the device was created and why  the device was conceived in the first place. He says the same thing that Steve would say a few days after him — there is a gap in the market where people like the smartphone usability but want a larger screen to work with. Conventional netbooks of course do not fit the bill in that case so they made a slate device.

Phil is quick to point out and emphasize on the fact that HP would like to think of this as the ultimate media consumption device. That basically means you cannot run a full OS on it properly, even though the HP tablet will be running Windows 7. At this point, if you want a good full OS experience in a small form factor — netbooks and ultraportables are it. And as touchscreen and touch UI’s grow, it is likely that both categories will collide into something new. So till then, we will have to make a distinction.

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