Asus Eee PC T101MT Specs Found

Asus T101MT specs at CES 2010First there was the T91 from Asus in their Eee PC line. It was probably the first ever ‘convertible’ in the netbook segment. But that was single touch, slow and needed to run Asus’ own ‘touchgate’ UI on top of  XP to become a useful tablet. Then came the T91 MT. That was basically the multitouch version of the original T91. It probably now sells with Windows 7 onboard, taking care of the multitouch needs.

Now it seems like Asus is about to bring out another such device in the Eee PC line. This one will apparently be called the T101MT and it was first spotted when it appeared at the FCC’s for the mandatory approval before operating in US territories. After that little stint, there was darkness around the device, until now. The T101MT is basically the 10.” version of the 8.9″ T91MT that was released last year.

The T101MT was shown off at CES 2010 by Asus, which is what any sensible tech company will do. Nevermind Apple ditching CES as usual. That is a an exceptional case. Asus has recently, like most other companies, taken an interest in touchscreen devices and its interest showed much earlier than most other companies. What and how Asus plans to market to sell this product is not very clear right now. They will probably zero in on the value for money crowd, which is the target clientele for the Eee range anyway.

The T101MT seems to have 2 different versions: Starter and Home Premium. They vary on memory (1GB vs. 2GB), storage (160GB vs. 350GB + 500GB cloud storage) and probably on the OS as well — judging by the names. WiFi (b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and a 35Wh slim battery seems to be standard across the models. Pricing is Unavailable at the moment of writing.

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