NetBook Navigator Rebrands And Sells Chinese Tablets For 1K

nn-tabletThere’s this new company in town peddling what they call netbooks. The company is called Netbook Navigator and they are essentially selling Windows 7 based tablet MIDs that have stylus and (hopefully) finger input. Now it has been reported by Netbooked the company is simply taking up Chinese devices (the good presumably) and rebranding them to sell in the US.

The company is talking a lot about netbooks but it is in then end selling tablets. That seems like confusion until you realize that they are probably doing it to lower expectations from device. Other than the fact that it is missing a physical keyboard, it is pretty much in the netbook territory when it comes to hardware components.

The 891A-NN model is 8.9 inches and is powered by an Intel Atom N270 processor. I has 2GB of Memory, a choice between 32-128GB of SSD storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, 3G, WebCam, Sim card slot, 3 USB ports, VGA out and a 2,200 mAh battery that will last you a good 2-4 hours according to the company. The resolution is 1024×600.

There’s a smaller model that has a 7″ screen with the same specs except that it has 1GB memory and 32GB SSD.

So far it sounds not the most interesting of devices but okay. But the real punch comes along when you read the price tag for the 8.9 inch model. Netbook Navigator is charging $1,199.00 for it. Now correct me if I am wrong — since when has anyone wanted to buy a $1200 netbook simply because it has a multitouch display and Windows 7 Home Premium? The Apple Tablet is definitely going  to be cheaper than this and that is saying something!

The lower model comes for $799. Thinking of everything I could do with that kind of power, I think I laugh heartily at Netbook Navigator’s offering and move on to better things.

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