Jolicloud Tries To Best Chrome OS Boot Time

Jolicloud is a special Linux lightweight OS that is meant to run on netbooks. It shares some common aspects of a netbook OS – bare essentials, Internet focused, etc. It aims to be extremely well integrated with online social networks and other online services so that user can have a great experience out of the box.

In fact most netbooks OS’ try to ensure that nothing is missing from the OS that may be required for regular use by the average user. But that also means a lot of development legwork and that requires a strong team and vision.

Google’s Chrome OS team might have a stellar team of engineers and they may have all the press but the Jolicloud OS’ small team of developers have decided that they are not going to be another also ran netbook OS.

The developers have been working hard recently and they now have a video to show for it. As with any netbook OS, boot time is extremely crucial to Joilcloud’s success and they have made significant progress on that count.

The video was shared by the developers through twitter and it shows Jolicloud going from power on to login in 13 seconds flat on an Asus Eee PC 901. This is considerably better than what Chrome OS has been doing. But it is likely that Chrome OS will beat this easily enough.

Remember that Chrome OS is getting rid of almost everything and it will run on hardware decided by Google. So extremely tight integration will allow it to do without a lot of things that usual OS’ need to go through.

However, Jolicloud has been shaping up quite nicely and the OS can become quite a with the mainstream.

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