HP Mini 311 Runs On NVIDIA Ion

hp-mini-311-pressHP Mini 311 becomes the first NVIDIA Ion based netbook to go on sale. It has an 11.6-inch display that HP claims to be HD. Thanks to the Ion chipset, you can now view HD movies at a full 1080p resolution on your netbook. The NVIDIA Ion chipset took some time to penetrate the market but now it is in the pipeline for quite a few manufacturers.

The Ion chipset gives Atom powered devices the capability that has been missing in them so far. Ion’s video chip enables them to process complex graphics and hi-resolution videos that allows netbooks to playback high resolution videos and some 3D games.

There is a trade off involved here however. The reason video and graphics was left out of the equation was because these applications demand a lot of power. The Ion chipset does not consume the same amount of power as the other, fully powered chipsets but it does consume more power than the normal Atom chipset from Intel. This is the reason why it took manufacturers some time before they could imbibe the Ion in to their netbooks.

Ion is primarily aimed at the HTPC market where a compact, low-powered device that can playback HD video is highly appreciated. The chipset has already seen some market penetration in that regard.

The new HP Mini 311 is currently available only from the HP website. Other than the Ion chipset, there is not much that can distinguish it from the other netbooks. Its higher resolution screen allows the user to enjoy HD movies on the go. But the Atom N270 processor is the same old fare when it comes to multitasking and other things. It has 160GB of storage and 1GB RAM. The Mini 311 starts from $400.

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