Harelon Swordfish Net 102 Dual Has Two Processors

haleronswordfishdual-sg-1Harelon has introduced a new concept to the world of netbooks – dual processors. That is not the same thing as a dual-core processor. This means the netbook actually has two physical processors that share the load of the processing.

The Harelon Swordfish Net 102 Dual has two separate Atom N270 processors that share the work amongst themselves. While parallel computing is a usually a good idea, based on the philosophy of many hands make light work, its implementation in a netbook in this manner is not that good an idea. The main reason being the amount of power that each processor will consume.

The dual processor configuration of the device effectively makes it consume twice as much power as a normal single Atom equipped netbook. The official battery life estimate reflects this exact same problem. Harelon says that the netbook will run for 3 hours. This usually means that in a real life scenario it will run for about 2.5 hours.

The lower battery power hampers the portability of the device. So it will not be useful for those who want to use it unplugged for longer periods of time. However, for those who want a small device with more power than the average netbook, the Swordfish 102 might workout.

Other than the dual configuration, the Swordfish 102 is as average as it gets. It has 160Gb storage (SATA HDD), Bluetooh, WiFi and a 10inch form factor with a 1024×600 resolution. But the 2GB RAM and the built-in 2G modem again sets it apart from the average Atom based netbook.

This new configuration is not likely to see a lot of success in the open and highly competitive market but the price is quite competitive at $449. It is currently available from the official Harelon website.

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