Coby Netbooks Spotted Online

coby-netbookCoby is a company that is known for making cheap electronic products. They have been gaining attention lately by showing off a new line of netbooks that will compete with other similar offerings in the market. They started doing this back in January this year. It was then that we saw that they were making netbooks with displays measuring 9inch and 10inch. However, they had gone off the radar since then and did not send out updates regarding the netbooks.

It looks the like the netbooks were in the works all along because now they have recently been spotted online where they are available for pre-order. Technology news blog Liliputing reports that a reader and forum member has spotted two Coby netbooks on Amazon. These netbook listings have some problems with accuracy though. There are quite few things that do not add up, as spotted by the blog writer.

First of all, there aren’t that many specifications available on the models. There is no mention of WiFi or HDD rpm. Only battery life is given and no other details on the battery. The 12inch model will have 2.3 hours of battery life and the 10inch model will have 2.45 hours. Seeing the marginal improvement in 10inch model’s battery life, it looks like they have the same battery.

The dimensions of both the models are exactly the same according to the Amazon pages, which is definitely a listing error. At 3.2 pounds, the 12inch model is heavier than the 10inch model by only 0.2 pounds. In both cases, the shipping weight is given as 1 pound! The seller  probably meant that as the weight in addition to the existing weight.

The 12inch model is going for $423.99 and the 10inch model is for $318.99. The pricing is attractive but they will probably be trumped by Asus and others because quality is always a suspect here.

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