Acer Aspire One D250 – Moderately Mediocre?

The Acer Aspire One D250 is the next evolution of the Aspire D150, with a few changes in features and size. One of the first things you’ll notice is the size has been cut, along with some of the weight from the Aspire D150. This is due in to the fact the newer model has opted to drop half of its battery load from six cells in the Acer Aspire D150, down to half. Yes, this netbook has three cells, and a shorter battery life is the most noticeable result.

The Aspire D150 has the same thing under the hood as the D250, so there were no surprises there. You’re looking at a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 as the processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM at 533 MHz, and 160GB hard drive. It comes with Windows XP SP3 operating system and comes in a little over 2 pounds without the AC adapter.

Taking out the other three battery cells brought the height down to 1 inch, with over all dimensions of 10.17 x 7.24 inches. The screen has a diagonal width of 10.1 inches. For those of you who are fashion conscious, the machine is available in several colors: Diamond Black, Ruby Red, Seashell White, and Sapphire Blue.

Since this machine is based on the same Atom N270 of all other netbooks, it is pretty much standard fair in performance. It’s definitely well suited for the purpose of Web surfing, viewing media files, and office documents. The loss of the three battery cells made a difference in size, but at a cost of battery life. To some this may not be such a big deal, but we’re talking about four hours of battery power doing nothing intensive.

All things considered, for a starting price of $298, you can’t really complain, but it’s also nothing to get excited about either.

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