Acer Aspire One D250 Android-Windows Dual Boot Is On Sale

acer-d250Acer has been working on a Windows-Android dual booting Aspire One netbook and it is now time to taste the fruits of their labor. Initially it was available as a dual booting machine that had Windows XP and Android. This time round Acer has gone ahead and upgraded it to Windows 7.

The main idea is that the Android OS will be used in place of the usual lightweight Linux distro that graces the fast booting alternative OS slot. Android is definitely a far more stable and mature option when it comes to a Linux OS that is small, fast and light.

Acer has used its Aspire One D250 model to bring this dual-booting system to life. The new D250 netbooks have the Android OS in place for the instant booting feature and it works really well. The main purpose of the OS being enabling Internet usage and some media consumption the Android does the job pretty well. It boots in just a few seconds to a usable state but you have to reboot in to Windows when you want to get serious work done.

Google shouldn’t want Android to get to netbooks simply because that is what the Chrome OS is meant for. But netbook manufacturers have already seen the Android as a strong and stable platform that has been through two upgrades already.

The trend has hit smaller netbooks especially. There are little known or unknown companies all over the world who are turning to the Android to deliver better user experience at a cheaper price. Google’s intention from the very beginning was to hand device manufacturers a strong software platform so that they can concentrate on the hardware. This approach is slowly but surely paying off for Google and these fringe products are an indication of that success.

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