Toshiba becomes the first to produce mSATA SSD

toshiba msataSSDs or Solid State Drives are most definitely the storage solutions of the future. They are stable, they do not have any moving parts and hence are perfect for portable devices. Let’s face it, non-portables are going to be a big part of the future except has building blocks of server farms.

So far, SSDs have been available in a multitude of different connectors and users have been forced to choose between them for the best fit to their systems. With any luck, this scenario is about to change for good. The SATA-IO working group has recently announced a new standard called mini-SATA or mSATA in an effort to standardize the entire process. With this new connector in place, SSDs should take up far less space. If the image is anything to go by, the new mSATA connectors will slim down the connecting bay by almost 50%.

By releasing 32nm SSDs in 32 and 64GB capacities, Toshiba has become the first company to adopt this new connector standard but computer manufacturers will take much more time than that to bring out machines and mainboards that have mSATA connectors. Given the timing, the first wave of systems with mSATA are at least a good two months away.

These 32nm and half slim drives from Toshiba have newer NAND Flash drive types that give manufacturers greater control over the design of the end device. With this new connector standard in place, devices like netbooks should be able to save a lot of valuable space and make the devices more compact than ever before.

As SSDs become cheaper, more and more netbooks are adopting them in order to avoid the problems commonly faced by HDDs and also to speed up the entire system. Without moving parts, SSDs are much more portable and much less susceptible to damage while in motion.

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