Intel Kicks Off Atom-Centric Software Development Program

intel-atom-2Intel has almost monopolized the netbook market with its Atom line of low-power, embedded processors and now it is looking to make that hold on the market even stronger by encouraging developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to create applications especially for the Atom Platform.

The company inaugurated the Intel Atom Developer Program on the 22nd of this month and released the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the program.

According to Intel corporate vice president and general manager, Rennee James, the netbook has become an extremely popular consumer device but their full potential is not being realized due to the lack of applications made especially for smaller screen sizes. Hence Intel wants to fuel this growth by starting a program that will help developers to make Atom specific applications that will run smoothly within multiple systems running on Atom chips.

In order to maximize the impact of this program, the Atom Developer program will support multiple operating systems and run-time environments. Run-time environments like the Java Virtual Machine and Microsoft Silverlight make it much easier for developers to cut costs while developing applications that will be able to run seamlessly within different platforms. So developers can look forward to making applications for Mobile-based environments as well, in addition to the other platforms.

The program itself aims to help developers cut overhead costs by allowing newer applicants to license development tools and application modules directly from other developers and ISVs.

Dell has also voiced its support of the initiative through John Thode (vice president, Dell Small Devices) who said that the Atom Developers Program would allow developers to experience newer expanses of business opportunities.

For the end user, this means a slew of new applications that are likely to run seamlessly across multiple devices, operating systems and browsers.

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